Breast Aug Gone Wrong

22 years old/ No children, Breast Aug 575 cc's...

22 years old/ No children, Breast Aug 575 cc's saline under the muscle... I wish I have never gotten my breast done. I am very unhappy about the outcome.. My breast before were very nice, wish i could turn back time...

Hello, Thanks for posting your story. I had my augmentation on 7/17/09 and mine look a lot like yours. I would like to know how you proceed with yours. I have an appointment on 11/10 with the original PS, but am not sure that is the route that I should go and if I do have him do the work...who pays? I wish you the best of luck. I know how depressed you must feel. I thought this surgery was supposed to make us feel good about ourselves. Thanks!
I have an appt on Nov 2 to see if my muscle have heal so i can fix it.. The cost for the surgery is around 1,000... I know.. Its so tough... I had mines done on the aug 5th 2009 and they look like this... Let me know what is your doctor planning to do with your... Good luck.. Keep in touch..
Oh sweetie! I totally know how you feel. Don't despair, this happens to alot of us, unfortunately. I was in the same boat, but I just found a wonderful surgeon and he fixed it for me. It looks as if your right breast has 'bottomed out'. There is no way your scar should be sitting so high up for your first BA. It also looks as if the placement is wrong (1 higher than the other- that was my problem). Go back to your surgeon- it can be fixed! Wishing you luck!x

I had my BA on Aug 5th 2009... I just took these...

I had my BA on Aug 5th 2009... I just took these photos on Sept 18th 2009

I notice there were something wrong as soon as I went back to remove stitches.. The doctor just said looks like the right breast is dropping sooner than the left one. And now i have no money to get them fixed... It around 1,000 to have the doctor fix them. I cry myself to bed every night thinking what have i done to myself. I can not blame anyone but myself. He is also board certified...

Please let me know if i have any rights... If its the doctors fault do i have to pay for him to fix what he had done to me. Please look at my photos... I cry every day thinking about my breast.. Please take the time and look at my pictures and see what i need to do.. Thank you

Idk how beautiful your breasts were prior to surgery but damn girl, those are some beautiful breasts! I wish mine looked as round and perky as yours.... I'm thinking about a ba after i have my last baby but currently my breasts look like they belong on an old lady lol. I hope you feel better soon, regardless if you get a revision or accept your results ^_^
It looks like you may have slight captular contracture ( hope I spelled that right ) aka scar tissue . I'd go he looked at by a different more reputable dr .
I think they look beautiful!! Love the shape... Redoing mine same size..
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