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I am a 24 yr old that has thought about getting...

I am a 24 yr old that has thought about getting breast implants for a couple years. I was very scared at first but I knew that it was something I had and wanted to do because of my insecurity over my small breast size.

I feel that you should only do breast surgery if you are 100% aware and understand the cons of breast surgery. I am a complete type a personality person and I expect things to be perfect. Before my breast surgery I was so concerned about capsular contracture but I did not worry about having uneven breasts postoperatively.

Since my breast surgery I have been very insecure about my new breasts because of the significant difference in their appearance. I don't wear shirts that show cleavage because it is very noticeable, instead I wear loose clothing.

What is the likelihood that my right breast implant will drop and if so when? This picture was taken 6 weeks postop. I had started massaging my right breast 3 weeks after my surgery as per my surgeon's instructions. I have not seen a slight change in their appearance at all.

Preoperatively my right breast was the lower one, which doesn't make any sense to me...The morning after my surgery I felt the left implant drop right away. The right side had the most bruising/pain compared to the left.

i posted my 4 months postop pics but i dunno why it isn't showing up. i went to check if the pics r really there when i clicked the edit option and they are there...i dunno maybe others can see it just not me.
Oh, peaches, I'm sorry. I haven't had this, but I've heard of it. I heard that massage helps a lot. It's scar tissue around the foreign object (the implant). What we go through for nice boobs!!!
I am totally freaking out I'm 2 mths post op and have capsular contracture in my left breast. My Dr, put me on cephalexin generic keflex & celebrex. He said I'm in the 2nd stage. What does that mean ?? He also recommended I massage the heck out of my breast pushing it from one side to the other and up and down and all around putting preasure on it... With taking the medication and all the massaging, will that save me from going under the knife again?? Or should I just have him remove it now and replace it in a couple mths??? Worried



I liked the looked u achieved. can u share maybe 2 updated pics I can take to my surgeon?
Hello, bebeny I see couple pictures of your breast what is the size. I like those size pictures please help me out
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