Breast Augmentation to a Larger Size (From 300cc Saline to 500cc Silicone, 120lb, 5'8")

I did it to improve my look. I asked to be bigger...

I did it to improve my look. I asked to be bigger and I don't feel he did that. He said I was too skinny.

I had breast implants 2 weeks ago and I am not happy with the size he gave me. How long should I wait before he can do surgery to get the size that I want? I am 120 lbs, 5’8; I went from 300cc saline to 500cc silicone. I want 700cc. Is that reasonable for my height and weight? Thank you

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I currently have 300cc silicone implants but have always wished i would have gone bigger. Its been 5 years and finally now having a re-augmentation, i told my doctor i wished to be a full D and right now im currently a b small c, he said going up in size is much harder the next time you almost have to double your current size to see much of a result. So I decided to go with 650cc silcone which seems rather large but he said it wouldnt be. Anyone now how true this is? Im only 5'4 and weigh 110lbs is this too big?
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No I don't think so. If you can do it go for it... You will be pleased with the end result.
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A Big difference. I'm very happy I did it.
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How much of a difference did you see? I have 360 s debating bt 457 and 492
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I think most doctors recommend that you keep your implants for a few months before moving up. This related thread helps explain further: Advice for too small breast implants

I'm curious - did you decide on your implant size pre-op or did he change it in the operating room?

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