Breast Augmentation Gave Me the Perfect Figure

The pros of implants gave me an improved figure,...

The pros of implants gave me an improved figure, enhanced my self esteem, made clothes fit so much better, the cons of implants were that with anything there could be future problems and redo surgeries.

I personally made the decision to get implants to finally have larger breasts and to fill out clothes like I always wanted. It has also given me much higher self esteem. I wouldn't change a thing I am very happy in my decision.

Your breasts look really amazing! Congrats!
wow, yours came out wonderful! i just had mine done with dr pousti 2 days ago, but im 575 cc's, silicone...i hope they look as nice as yours. If you don't mind me asking, how long did it take for your nipples to look normal again? That's what worries me at the moment...
As soon as the stiches healed and the implants dropped after three months they looked normal. Im now 8 months post op and they are perfect I will post more pics
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

Dr. was very understanding and caring for his patients

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