Breast Augmentation (500g Silicone, High Profile, Textured Implants)

I had breast augmentation 2.5 weeks ago....

I had breast augmentation 2.5 weeks ago. Initially, I was quite nervous. These anxieties soon diminished and I was excited about the possible appearance of my new breasts. The immediate post-op period was very painful, however, I continued my day to day activities as tolerated due to a mixture of NSAIDs/opiods and muscle relaxants (thanks Doc!).

The choice of implant was 500g silicone, high profile, textured implants. I was a 12C, now I am a 10E/F.

My concerns are: I have been experiencing a tightening sensation/involuntary spasm (hard to discern) around my R) breast on various R.O.M's. The discomfort lasts for a few minutes and resides on resting. Could this possibly be an indication of capsular contraction?

After breast augmentation, my R) breast often feels tight and I experience an involuntary muscle spasm on particular ROM.
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I had sharp stabbing pains through the healing process in my breasts. It felt like spasms. It came and went, it was not constant. My friends also had this sensation and it lasted probably a couple months. Maybe this is what you are experiencing.
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i think it is better to ask PS here who would be more experienced in this. i heard some women have CC after 4 weeks.
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