Afraid I Went Too Big. Looking for a More Natural Look.

Treatmeant experience was great. No problems. Took...

Treatmeant experience was great. No problems. Took a little longer to heal because I had dual plane on one breast, however great experience overall thanks.

Will going braless at this point (5 mos post) help to achieve a more natural appearance?
I do not mean to be insulting but please take this from somebody who has already had 5 replacements the problem with the natural look is gravity and age is going to do that to you eventually whether or not they're saline or silicone within the next couple of years you will not be able to get away with not wearing a bra because they will be hanging with your chest like cow utters mine are almost identical after the 5th replacement I clearly explains I wanted them set higher and round unfortunately the imbecile that I entrusted to do this the collected to inform me that the wait was going to drop them anyway I've never been so sorry and all of my life my nipples are uneven and the beds have calcified I am in a tremendous problem now and have had two other opinions and both doctors told me they now need to be removed and the list must be done for me to have them where they should big nipples are not supposed to be at the bottom of the breast please no I am NOT trying to be disrespectful or insulting but when you have implants done the object is to make them look as natural as possible meaning around with the nipples in the middle not the bottom of the bed within years that nipple is going to be looking at your toes please trust what I'm saying the week of that bag is not supposed to be at the top of your chest you will be wearing a bra very soon if I was not so computer illiterate I would post pictures of mine to give you a better understanding for right now they look good but mark my words in a couple of years you'll be crying when you have to dish out more money for corrective surgery
You look great!
how much is it to go bigger?? i have done mine at 350CC and I wish I went to 400 or even 450CC.
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