After 2 Kids and Breast Feeding, I Had Augmentation 6 Months Ago

I am both happy and UN happy with my decision...

I am both happy and UN happy with my decision.

Pros- I have my old boob size back.


I am a fit woman and I had boobs before kids. I went from a c cup to an aa cup and my body looked out of proportion.

I had augmentation in April 09 and I am thinking I may need a revision. Before kids I had great boobs-34c and no sag. Never passed the "pencil test". After 2 kids and breast feeding (they still were somewhat sag free -per docs comments- but I'm thinking that was because I was not even an A cup) and LOTS of research I decided it was time to get my old boobs back.

In April 2009 I went under the knife and once I came out of the drug coma I called the Doc and mentioned how different they looked from each other. He insisted it was normal especially after only 3 days. Well, it has been 6 months and they still look wayyyy off. I NEVER had to wear a bra and worry which way my girls were "looking" now, I MUST wear a bra. My left breast looks great. Very natural. My right is high and just not right. The pocket on the right breast is smoother and lower.

The scar on the right breast is also off from the left - one is just above a crease and the other at the crease. I have been doing everything he had told me to do regarding massage and wearing a bra (I'd be embarrassed not too!) At each check up I had mentioned the difference and the Doc just looked at me as if I were crazy.

My husband, who is an Engineer and is overly precise regarding symmetry says that there is an extreme skew between the 2. I agree (Especially after I took the photos to post!!! Yikes!). I have had 4 girlfriends that have had augmentation look and they too see the difference. I see the difference in clothing with or without a bra...

I have my 6 month check up on Monday... How do I tell my Doc I want a revision? I don't want to hurt his feelings (is that awful?!) because surgeons in their own right are am I. I paid six grand and he had said "If you aren't happy I will do what I need to make you happy" Was that a red flag right there?!?! I really appreciate your time... Thank you!!!!

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When I mention the asymmetry he looks at me as if i were nuts....

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Who was your surgeon
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im going to dr habib on the 28 th is he good
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I hate to ask this, but what it Dr. Habib? Send me a message with Dr's info. Im in Spartanburg looking to get a BL+A and would love your input!
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Who was your surgeon? I'm thinking about BA,and live in South Carolina as well. Btw, other than the slight asymmetry, your breasts look great, very natural. Hope that came out right! I hate the "orange under the chest" look and the prospect of that frightens me. Yours look terrific. Once you get that unbalanced aspect fixed, you'll look perfect, imo!
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I think you have to tell him the truth(easier said than done!). Even if it means showing him the photo above and highlighting the differences (e.g. you could draw a horizontal line from the bottom of each breast and see that they're not equal), it will show him what he is not seeing.

I've heard a lot of docs say to expect some asymmetry and that it's impossible to be perfect, which is true. But if you're unhappy and he wants you to be happy, that's what you need to tell him. Anything to get on the same page.

Good luck and please keep us posted!

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I just returned from my check up and an appointment for a revision has been made. He is waving his fees but I have to pay the facility fee and the anesthesia fee. My next question is: How much should the PS really pay? I had noticed a difference 3 days post op and he is saying that it is capsular contracture. How much of the outcome is the docs mis placement of the pocket or my body causing the contracture? Thanks so much for the feedback!
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