Silicone High Profile 425cc/475cc Implants

I am 4 months post. I have silicone hp/round....

I am 4 months post. I have silicone hp/round. 475cc in right and 425cc in left (left got the dual plane).

The procedure was pretty smooth and seamless. It took a little longer for me to feel normal again because I had one breast that had the dual plane procedure...other than that, pretty good experience.

My question is do I look normal for 4 mos? I really want a natural slope (look) at the top..will they drop more?.. Should I still be massaging them down or should I wear a band this far out of op? What will give me that natural look if I dont already have it?


Be thankful. They look great. They look a little big for your frame but i had mine done two weeks ago n i am so disappointed that i have cried. Im 5"1 106lbs. Had 475cc hp silicone gel and thought for sure theyd look somewhat like yours but def dont. Everyone says mine look like a full c but my expectations were that of a full d. Maybe you had more breast tissue than me but efinitly be glad you have what u have
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you look awsome ! its just like us girls with the natural big boobs and what you guys call slope we call sagging , like the girls that want straight hair but have curly and vice versa ...... I think you look amazing i would luv for mine to look like that ! hope you are happy and dont worry in time they will slope but they look great now in my opinion
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Thanks to everyone that posted positive comments.....

Thanks to everyone that posted positive comments... I didn't even realize these photos were still on this site because its been so long. It's been 4 years since my surgery and they have definitely settled. I can post recent photos if you like.
Thanks again!


Yes, recent photos please! You look great.

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WOW, who is your doctor?
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Id love to see recent photos. Ive been on a search for new dr because im not happy with mine. I was looking at flying to florida but i recently pulled up georgia as well trying to figure out who your dr is. I had 475 toobut look nothing like yours and now i have my dr saying id need 800cc which in my opinion sound way to big for a 5"1 107lb. Girl as myself.
  • Reply is an updated pic 4 YEARS LATER! :)... I... is an updated pic 4 YEARS LATER! :)... I have been pretty pleased with my results...can't say that I have had any problems or any issues.
Thank you for your comments!


Wow, they look great! I love that you still have fullness to the side. Do you know what your breast diameter was before this? I am getting mine done friday and I am also 32A but was considering mod + for more fullness and a more natural slope. Now I am not so sure as I love your result..
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Ok, I tried reading all the post so I didn't ask questions that you've already answered. I am 2wks away from getting my BA and I'm going 425cc silicone under the muscle. So I'm trying to get an idea if I'm going to big. How tall are you? Weight? I am a 32A and just want to be a full B, but that's kid of a waste of money LOL. So I'm aiming for a C now. Thanks in advance for your time.
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Hi :) you look awesome . I live in the Atlanta area . I was wondering the name of your Dr . ?
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Hi all. Sorry for the delay..but wanted to provide...

Hi all. Sorry for the delay..but wanted to provide my doctor information
Because I get a lot of questions about that..
Dr. Carmen Kavali (Atlanta, GA) also know as the mommy makeover doctor.
Thanks guys..,hope this helps!!


Wow, you look great! Thank you for posting your photo 4 years post op. Women really want to know how breast aug patients are doing many years later. I've gone ahead and linked your doctor to your review so you can go ahead and rate her. 

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Your boobs look great. I pray mines comes out looking as great as yours do
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Kavali is doing my surgery 4/25/130 that's this month! :D You look great; I hope my results are as nice as yours and four years later! I'm going with 450cc HP saline sub muscular.
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Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Great Doctor!

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