Symmastia - 2 Botched Breast Jobs!

I had breast augmentation back in 07. I was a 36a...

I had breast augmentation back in 07. I was a 36a and had saline impalnts put in under the muscle through my arm pits. I went to a 36C.

Immediately after the surgery I noticed that the middle of my chest was elevated and the doctor said it was becuase it was swollen and it will go down. I knew deep down that something was not right becuase it actually felt weird but I listened to the doctor and just waited. After many months it still looked horrible. I asked the doctor about possible symmastia but he said no way it was all in my head basically. I knew in my heart that I wasn't wrong.

I waited 2 years, had spoken to another doctor and decided to have them redone. I went to Florida and spoke to a doctor who woud do an implant exchange from saline to silicone and do a breast list. He notcied the symmastia and said it was really bad and he will do what he can to fix it. I went through surgery and noticed the symmastia is still there, my breast are a different size, I have huge scars and my nipples looked like I burned them. I am so deeply depressed and wonder if there is a way to fix this.

First Doctor was in Boston Ma. Would I reccommend him, absolutely not! I had origional surgery becuase I felt self concious, wanted to feel more like a women in appearence. I regret doing that cause now I look deformed.

Is it worth it to have surgery again? If I remove them will the symmastia still be there? I have spent time and all my money and I don't know what to do, I am more self concious now than I was when I was small chested. Please give me some advice, I can use all the support and advice I can get. Thank you.
Symmastia is a surgical technique problem. Breast implant displacement is more common when the incision is further away from the breast, e.g. axillary, and belly button. The symmastia can be fixed, there are several technical approches to correct symmastia. the surgeon need to be familliar with every one of these procedures and be prepared. Treatment can be capsulorraghy with ALLODERM support.NEO POCKET. change the pocket of the implant with capsulectomy.

I'm so sorry to hear you've had bad experiences with your doctors so far. The first step is definitely to find a surgeon you trust!

Unfortunately, symmastia can be really hard to treat. :( I know this does not address your exact question about removing your implants, but I think this related thread has a lot of good information about how to correct symmastia: Symmastia after Breast Augmentation

Good luck with whatever you decide to do!

Dr. Dan Delvecchio

If soemthing went wrong it is not his fault, he automatically puts the blame on his client. I should have noticed he wasn't a normal human being from the way he treats his staff in front of potential clients.

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