Explantation & Lift - Happy I Got Rid of Them!

I had them for 13 years, two different sets, and...

I had them for 13 years, two different sets, and kept getting capsular contractor. Got them removed and a lift done at the same time since I was a D cup with the implants.

No problems and happy I got rid of them! They look great now and feel wonderfully soft. Was an A cup before getting implants. Now I'm a B cup. Best thing I did for myself was get them out!

Hi. I may be too late. I had nothing wrong with my implants, just hated them.

I had them for 2 years. I had them taken out w/out a lift. They look good. At first, they were flat but after 6 months they filled out a bit. I am a b cup now.

Sometimes I miss the look of the implants but I feel so much better!
My doctor's name is Dr. Louis Walker. He's amazing. I went to five other doctors that refused to explant before seeing him.
my doctor has place my implant mostly under my right arm. It is very painful. what procedure would be best for me. Im considering having it taken out, because he does not want to continue surgery procedures.
Louis Walker

Dr. was involved in a study at Baylor College of Medicine on breast implant safety and explanted hundreds and hundreds of implants. He is an expert at explantation.

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