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Breast Implants and Lift - Suffering Now Mentally and Physically

I have had two augmentations and a lift. The first...

I have had two augmentations and a lift. The first augmentation the paperwork was not updated with the correct implants requested. So I received saline the first augmentation and then silicone for the second with a lift. There was six weeks in between the surgeries.

I noticed the day after the second surgery blood filled like bubbles around the tape that was placed around the areoli and down. This is my current condition within the picture I have attached. My DR is reassuring me this will close up with only a half inch wide scar, I'm not sure if I should beleive him.

I have to say I was excited in the beginning but suffering now mentally and physically. In all I would say I still would have had the surgeries.

Has anyone seen this before? Should I continue to beleive in my DR's current treatment of removal of scabbing with local and wet/dry dressing along with Ciprofloxacin 500mg?
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See my picture explains why.

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Hi Mutely,

I have reposted your review for another realself sister who is having problems with her incision sites.

Do you have any updates that might help her out?

Also, do you have any updated pics? That would be nice to see how it had healed.

I hope you are doing well~
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Good luck, I'm so sorry, this looks painful, hope its all healed now.
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Thank you all for your kind words and support. I'm healing well. It's size now is less than a quarter and my Dr. has stated it looks like March will be the time line for the revision surgery. I'm definately nervous for that. He explained the incisions he plans to make, which are small one under the areoli and a small one straight down about an inch. I soooo hope I don't get another infection and it happen all over again!!!
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I hope the absolute best for you. I don't know what I would have done in your situation. Maybe kill someone. It does look very painful. I hope you heal without any further damage mentally.
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i am so sorry you had to go through this , i really hope you feel better and you have to believe you will heal good and fast so that it happens.
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First of all, I had a tummy tuck and had to have the same thing done when I got necrosis. Which is what this is! It will close eventually mine took a 10 day hospital visit and a major bacterial infection that almost killed me. I had to get a blood tranfusion. My wound healed it was as big as yours but took 3 months to close completely with some debridement and a KCI vacuum device. Do not let water get into your wound I did and that is how I got pseudomonas and e-coli infection. E-coli is an infection that you get from water. BE CAREFUL. I was on 2 intravenous antibiotics in the hospital which kept collapsing my veins. It was a nightmare. GOD bless you I hope you dont endure the damage that was done to me mentally and physically. Emotionally it tore me down and my family.
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Get A second opinion! Do it before any permanent tissue damage results. It doesn't look possible for this to close up with minimal scarring, it looks like it should be stitched. Go to another doctor immediately.
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Yes, I am seeing him weekly and I am finally seeing signs of healing after the 5th time on ciprofloaxin and much wound debreaving. I only just started to see signs of healing when I took it upon myself not to get the wound wet in the shower. I only ran sterile water over it. It was four days after I started doing this when I started to see signs of healing. I believe the water conditioning system we have treating the well water may have contributed to slower healing. I know it contains high levels of iron but I now plan to test it to see if there are other possible bacterias. Thank you all for your responses and I hope to respond in the future with 100% healed results.
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The goal in "wound toilet" or wound cleanliness is to protect the implant to avoid infection and removal of the implant. You need local wound care to achieve a clean wound so it can close up and once healed be revised. I will assume your plastic surgeon is following you closely during this phase. Good luck and I am sure things will work out ok. (by the way I believe the word toilet is derived from the french but I will have to look it up).
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"Wound Toilet"? What an insult. How can you have such low standards as to repeat & allow a gutter-term like that allowed in your profession?
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You ignorant goon. The term "toilet" comes from the french word "toilette" which means cloth wrapper. The word denoted a cloth used as a wrapper for clothes; then a cloth cover for a dressing table, the articles used in dressing, and the process of dressing, later also washing oneself. Attending to ones toilet is the process of attending to ones appearance. I'm assuming that you're an American and that you didn't attend college where "The Rape of the Lock" is required reading and refers to a woman's toilet in the manner described above.
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Your wound will need to heal and the tissue needs to become healthy first. This is done by something called "wound toilet" which includes dressing changes, removal of dead tissue, possibly antibiotics and time. The implant may need to be removed. When the tissue is healthy (which will probably take a few weeks) it can be resutured.
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