Breast Implants and Lift - Suffering Now Mentally and Physically

I have had two augmentations and a lift. The first...

I have had two augmentations and a lift. The first augmentation the paperwork was not updated with the correct implants requested. So I received saline the first augmentation and then silicone for the second with a lift. There was six weeks in between the surgeries.

I noticed the day after the second surgery blood filled like bubbles around the tape that was placed around the areoli and down. This is my current condition within the picture I have attached. My DR is reassuring me this will close up with only a half inch wide scar, I'm not sure if I should beleive him.

I have to say I was excited in the beginning but suffering now mentally and physically. In all I would say I still would have had the surgeries.

Has anyone seen this before? Should I continue to beleive in my DR's current treatment of removal of scabbing with local and wet/dry dressing along with Ciprofloxacin 500mg?


Hi Mutely,

I have reposted your review for another realself sister who is having problems with her incision sites.

Do you have any updates that might help her out?

Also, do you have any updated pics? That would be nice to see how it had healed.

I hope you are doing well~
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Good luck, I'm so sorry, this looks painful, hope its all healed now.
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Thank you all for your kind words and support. I'm healing well. It's size now is less than a quarter and my Dr. has stated it looks like March will be the time line for the revision surgery. I'm definately nervous for that. He explained the incisions he plans to make, which are small one under the areoli and a small one straight down about an inch. I soooo hope I don't get another infection and it happen all over again!!!
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See my picture explains why.

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