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I had fat trasferred ftom my flanks to my butt...

I had fat trasferred ftom my flanks to my butt less than a week ago. I did it because I was greatly out of proportion in my glutes. My butt looks almost the same to me now..Is that normal??How long does it take to see the effects..Shouldn't it look bigger if anything right now because of the recent surgery?/It looks the same to me...Please let me know. Thank you

How long does it take to see a difference in glute fat transfer??My butt looks the same, not bigger, after a fat transfer I had a week ago. I feel disappointed , but maybe it's not soon enough to tell?

I am planning to have BBL done in fort Myers, fl. I am 5'4 120 lbs. I would like to know who is the best doctor and the cost. Thanks everybody.
I am 115 and 5'3 and had a fat transfer to my buttock and lipo from my hips and it now a week later but knowing i will loose some of the fat, it is much bigger, because of the sculpting my doctor did to my hips, I will post in three months as well as six months. The cost of mine was $4,500 in cash. Also i have had three kids, and even though some fat will be gone, i have my shape back.
can you give me the name of the dr? how much fat did you do in each buttock? thanks Lena
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I don't know yet because it's been less than a week

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