No Results Seen with Brazilian Butt Lift (500cc Injections)

I have recently had a brazilian butt lift about a...

I have recently had a brazilian butt lift about a month ago. I have yet to see ANY results. My doctor is continuously explaining to me that i will NOT see any results for another 4-5 months or even final results until after a year. I read that you should be able to see IMMEDIATE results after the surgery, especially after my doctor injecting 500cc of fat into both cheeks. What should I believe?

The pros of the surgery is I wanted to feel more confident about myself. The con is that it was extremely painful.

I truly wish that I would have researched more doctors that did this procedure.


Since the surgery, I have gone down some but thats due to the swelling from the surgery; its been over a year and still the same.
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Hi... I think you should re-visit this doctor and ask for a revision. The BBL is not a cheap surgery but if he was offering it at that price he should have done it correctly. Although you may not be able to recoup anestesia and facilitiy fees, I think he owes you at least a refund of the fee that you paid to him.

Good Luck!
thanx for responding.....but since the surgery have seen some results......or is the area still the same size?
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