Brazillian Butt Lift - Still Wish It Could Be Bigger

The swelling has gone down and im very satisfied...

the swelling has gone down and im very satisfied with my results, especially when people notice, "they say wow, where did you get that from? " I just smile and laugh and say i bought it!!!! Hell i couldnt ask for anything more, a flat stomach and nice ass!


The after shot looks a little dimply or maybe cellulitey, is that just the lighting?
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I'm very pleased now. I ended up getting button implants because the fat transfer was not what I wanted. Although the transfer looks and feels more natural, the implants give you that pop I love! Still wish I could tweak some things though
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At first i had a really huge bum and now the...

At first i had a really huge bum and now the swelling has gone down, i like that im not so flat, but still wish it could be bigger. Im still waiting for whe swelling to go down, im guessing my stomach flattens i will be able to see more of a difference, anyway my bf loves it before and after!


no i wasnt awake for the procedure it was the best sleep ever, and to answer the question i could fully sit down about three weeks later, i was only out of work for two weeks, but honestly the pain lasted about 6 weeks. The pain wasnt in my ass it was more in my lower back and stomach were the doctor lipoed at, oh and i didnt use cushions, i just set straight up really proper!
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You look GREAT!
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how long before you could sit down with out cushions?
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Wilmington Plastic Surgeon

He's a good doctor and he did let me know upfront that my bum would be huge at first and after the swelling goes down, my bottom would not be as big, he had a very pleasent staff who made me feel very comfortable

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