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Botox Ruined my Smile - Droopy Mouth Corner

I had botox meant to be in the chin area to lift...

I had botox meant to be in the chin area to lift the mouth corners. I have had this done before with no problems but I must admit it felt a bit higher. I also had filler put there at the same time and I think it caused the botox to migrate.

I started to feel that I couldnt smile properly after a few days, went back and they said there was very slight asymmetry. It's been 2 weeks and my upper right lip won't work and it feels like the muscle has wasted. The other side of my face is compensating and is firm yet my right side is sagging, especially around the mouth, which was what I was trying to correct, only now it is worse. I can just smile but at rest, my face is saggy, all the skin is loose.

I'm only 28 and I have to wait till it wears off and I am so scared that others will notice. I begged them to see me again and have asked if they can put some filler to lift it a bit and disguise the sagging. Will this help do you think?

I fear that my smile will never get back to what it was. I don't want to leave the house. I'm worried that all the tissue in my cheek will waste away. I am never doing botox here again, it's not worth it.

Anyone experienced this?

@Mel : Can you please share your facial exercise program to give balance back to the mouth muscles? Thank you.

Yah I've seen pain specialist and this was the last resort before another surgery.. My pcp is trying to get me into a well known pain clinic so keeping my fingers crossed!! Thank u for the advise:) U all r wonderful!
Hi, I hope you are ok. The effects will wear off but it does take time. I would definitely stay away from the Botox now. I wondered whether you have ever seen a pain specialist and had something called neuromodulation or any local anaesthetic injections? If not then maybe try those? Although my Botox wore off, some results were left behind which I didn't like. This is because the Botox weakens the muscle and then others around it become stronger. I am only now correcting this by doing a very good facial exercise program which has actually stated to improve things more than I could have hoped. Anyway, another thought, have you tried osteopathy? I'm seeing one for my jaw and she is amazing. Keep your chin up, lots of hugs xxxx
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