Botox Made my Smile Crooked - Melbourne, FL

My smile is now uneven from botox shots.I...

My smile is now uneven from botox shots.I  had the botox injections in my upper face area the sides of the eyes and the line between my eye brows. It must have worked it's way down to my cheek area, because I now look like a person who's had a stroke, the right side of my mouth will not turn up to smile any longer!!

Help does anyone with any adive on how to fix this? Is there any possibe way to to get the botox out of me sooner then the adverage 3 to 6 months? What can be done about my crooked smile?

I've had that before. Botox in your upper lip will wear off much quicker than the normal due to the amount of muscles you use i.e. talking, eating, smiling. Mine was less noticeable within a month. Just keep smiling a lot!!
Tami I'm so happy for you at last you have your smile back :) xx
I think you still hav a cute smile, crooked but its still nice...
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He shot the botox in the wrong area, or maybe it's nerve damage...

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