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Botox for Crow's Feet - I'm Addicted to the Result

Botox for crows feet looks incredible and...

Botox for crows feet looks incredible and absolutely will do it again. I know now that I need to cut back on my supplements(St John's Wort, Vitamin E, Evening Primrose and Fish Oil) because I bruised and it took three weeks to heal.

I recently had botox for crows feet and addicted to the result. It has been two months and it looks incredible. I wear cvontact lenses and during allergy season, I ofetn get something under my contacts that scratches my eye. Today I use antibiotic eye drops(tobramycin}, will there be an adverse affect?
Hi Tina. You should discuss your use of tobramycin with your practitioner as this drug may actually increase the effects of Botox (which may not always be good). Regarding the bruising you experienced, we have found that pulsed dye lasers are able to remove the bruising from injection procedures usually within 48 hours instead of the weeks normally required. If you are even in need again, feel free to contact us at 800-958-8604 or www.celibre.com. Good luck.
My injector asked me about supplements because some of them can cause excessive bleeding. I don't stop taking them, because I don't have bleeding or bruising with or without supplements and vitamins. I think bruising is about the injector's skill. Try someone else and you may have better results. I can't imagine having 2 weeks of bruising due to botox!!
The very first time I had botox done I stopped taking any of my vitamins almost two weeks prior. Did your provider ask you if you were taking supplements? I would be concerned if they didnt. My provider asked more than once and ask each time I get more. He insist no supplements and no alcohol for a minimum of a week before he injects me. I would say to ask your doctor about the eye drops but if he did not inquire about what you were taking I doubt I would trust his answer.
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