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Botox and Antibiotics - a Bad Combination - Australia

I was taking a tetracycline antibiotic...

I was taking a tetracycline antibiotic (doxycycline) when I had 15 units (total) of Botox injected. I had been taking the 25-day course of doxycycline for 18 days before the Botox and 7 days after the Botox. I had the Botox injections on 10 July.

The Botox was put in my frown lines, above my eyebrows, in crows feet area, in bunny lines and one under the eyelashes of my left eye. A total of 9 injections and a total of 15 units. Not much. I have had Botox twice before - Oct 08 and April 09.

It would appear that the antibiotic increased both the physical impact and the side effects of the Botox. The other two times I have used Botox I had similar amounts administered (around 15 units) in the same places and I had stable results in around 5-7 days. The muscles were relaxed but not frozen.

It has now been 14 days since the last injections and the Botox is still paralysing my muscles. My forehead is cement, both sides of my face have dropped, my brow is lowered and upper eyelids swollen. I have puffy bags / pouches underneath my eyes because the complete freezing of the eye muscle in both the crows feet and bunny lines areas means that the area under my eyes has nowhere else to move except inwards, particularly when I make a facial expression. I have the 'chipmunk' look when I smile because the sides of my face can't move anymore. (I have no reason to smile anyway.)

I also had severe side effects (see other posts), which has never happened before. Previously I had mild side effects for a few days - headache, a bit of anxiety etc. This time it has been very severe and very debilitating.

I have reported the adverse outcome to the FDA in the US and to Allergan in Australia but was informed that interaction with antibiotics such as tetracyclines and aminoglycoside antibiotics is "THEORETICAL" because no clinical testing has been done. Therefore, no data is available and nobody can tell me what is going to happen. It is clear that the Botox effect has been dramatically increased by the antibiotics, but I am very worried that the duration of the effect will also last longer. I am hopeful this is not the case. Has anyone else had a similar experience with Botox and tetracycline antibiotics?

Has anyone with a bad Botox result used anything...

Has anyone with a bad Botox result used anything like the Tua Viso to try to stimulate the deadened muscles once they started to re-engage? In my previous Botox experiences (which might be different this time because of the antibiotics) the muscles started to move again in around six weeks. The movement was weak but it was definitely there.

Would using an electric muscle stimulator assist the newly re-engaged muscles to strengthen and therefore correct the bad result more quickly? I am very wary of doing anything to make it worse so advice would be appreciated. My Botoxed muscles are still completely dead so I have a few weeks before I could even try this. Does anyone have any thoughts or experience with this?

I have asked the doctors about the Tua Viso to...

I have asked the doctors about the Tua Viso to speed up the recovery from my bad botox result.  Hopefully I will get an answer!



THE RISKS OF BAD AESTHETIC RESULTS FROM BOTOX ARE *NOT* LIMITED TO UPPER EYELID PTOSIS - Eyelid ptosis is generally stated to be the only ‘rare’ aesthetic complication of Botox. And why is that? Because it is the only one that cannot in any way be passed off as natural ageing. Let me assure you, Botox can do a whole lot worse than that. Here are some examples that are easy for doctors to pass off as natural ageing or tell you it is 'all in your mind': hourglass deformity (caved in temples), cheek ptosis (cheek drop), full facial drop including increase in severity of nasolabial folds, festoon formation (bulging fat pads under the eyes), tear trough deformity (increased hollowing under the eyes), increase in wrinkles especially horizontal wrinkles around the eyes (starburst effect), brow drop (caveman forehead), sunken eyes. Here are some that are not so easy to pass off as natural ageing: crooked smile, mouth drop, exacerbated asymmetry, the appearance of palsy or a stroke. I probably haven't listed them all, so feel free to add more...

I find it simply incredible that doctors will *promote* Botox as having the ability to change facial shape when it suits them, like using Botox to deliberately diminish a pronounced masseter muscle and slim the face, BUT when they make a mistake and change facial shape for the worse through cheek ptosis, face drop or hourglass deformity then they deny this is possible. It is just nonsense and they can't have it both ways.

MY AESTHETIC RESULT FROM BOTOX - Festoon formation under the eyes (particularly left eye) from overweakening of the eye muscle which enabled the fat pads under my eyes to bulge forward. See photos - both were taken with makeup on in my office under the fluorescent light. Without makeup, the area under my eyes is black. The photos do not do justice to how bad my result has been - they are just ONE aspect of it that seemed the easiest to photograph. Any animation of my face, especially smiling or laughing, causes this festoon to puff out more and the skin to wrinkle/bunch/fold around my eyes. (The rest of my bad result requires motion and it is difficult to photograph to show it. I wish I had taken video.)

My awful result includes cheek ptosis because of Botox in the crows feet area which caused the lower part of my eye muscle to flatten out like a pancake across my cheek bone and the facial fat to droop down my face. I also got mid-face drop from Botox in the bunny lines area (under the eyes on either side of the nose) which caused a flattened appearance to the mid-face, divots on either side of my nose and an increase in nasolabial lines. All of these bad aesthetic outcomes were extreme. I also got a mild form of hourglass deformity in the temple area which I didn't notice until it basically resolved because I was so focused on the other ghastly results, but I can see it now in the photos. The worst part was how badly it has affected my smile. I have the starburst appearance around the eyes and my inability to lift my face properly because of the cheek ptosis means that my cheeks puff out like a chipmunk on smiling , the area under my eyes all bunches up with folds of loose skin and I get divots/depressions on either side of my nose and on the sides of my face. This did NOT happen before Botox. I have not smiled or laughed without my hands in front of my face for 38 weeks.

"NATURAL AGEING" - When Botox makes you look old and haggard and gives you more wrinkles, doctors will tell you that it is natural ageing or that it is 'all in your mind' or that Botox can't do that. You know this is rubbish but how do you prove it? Botox gone bad is the most visible when the face is in motion and still photos will not properly show the difference. I suggest you have photographs taken before Botox with a range of facial expression - still, smiling, frowning - and from a range of angles - front, above, 3/4 angle etc. Better yet, take a before video instead of photographs. I wish I had.

Have a look at my photo from week 3 when the puffy eye bag was at its worst and look again at week 37. It has still not completely resolved but it is certainly better. I was repeatedly told that this festoon which appeared ONLY after Botox was natural ageing, meaning it could never get better. Ageing like that in 3 weeks?? I don't think so. If that were true then the only explanation now is that I have "un-naturally un-aged". Medical miracle? I think not. It was not rapid ageing; it was Botox.

DO NOT HAVE TWO PROCEDURES DONE AT ONCE - I have referred to Botox in my case as the dermatologists' equivalent of "Do you want fries with your burger?" because I was upsold on Botox to make the filler last longer. I never asked for Botox in the first place. It was a massive mistake having two things done at once because when something went wrong, I could not properly ascertain the problem. I thought the puffiness under my eyes was related to the dermal filler I had put in at the same consultation. I had the filler dissolved (unnecessarily) because the doctors were unable to recognise and properly diagnose my bad Botox result, or they did recognise it and lied about it - I still can't decide. Dissolving the filler with hyaluronidase came with a whole host of other problems that have not resolved either. Just excellent.

TIME FRAME FOR RECOVERY - Doctors will tell you that the effects of Botox last 3-4 months, maybe 6 months. This is a MARKETING ploy to get you to have Botox more often. The effects last much longer than that if you want them to go away completely, particularly if is not the first time you have had Botox. I did not even begin to see improvement until week 26 when I felt the first glimpse of the muscle across my cheek bone start to puff back out. It has now been 38 weeks and I have not yet recovered. Also, the EFFECTS OF BOTOX ARE CUMULATIVE because most people have it again before the previous lot has worn off. If you are having Botox every 3-4 months in the same places in the same amounts then you are at even greater risk of the eventual disaster. Lots of people describe the same pattern with Botox - good result, good result, good result, HORROR STORY. Some people get the horror story on the first go. Others continue to have good results for a long time without the horror story, and I have my fingers crossed for them that it continues that way. I would not wish this on my worst enemy.

BOTOX AFFECTS SKIN AS WELL AS MUSCLE - The facial muscles are unique in that they are connected to the skin. Botox initially makes the skin on foreheads tight and shiny then the skin loosens up as the Botox wears off. If you get face drop or cheek ptosis then you can expect massive skin laxity because the flattened, paralysed muscles cannot support the skin properly and it droops and sags downwards. I had Botox shiny 'glass' face for more than 5 months then the skin loosened up horribly. It has tightened up some now but it is crepey with short diagonal wrinkles down my cheeks as well as the bunching effect and new wrinkles under my eyes. I am hopeful that the skin will tighten up some more, but I don’t know.

DO NOT PANIC AND RUSH FOR A PROCEDURE TO "FIX" IT - I am astounded by the amount of stories I have read about bad Botox results where the solution presented has been MORE Botox. We all understand the see-saw relationship between the muscles in the forehead but how on earth is more Botox going to help cheek ptosis? Easy answer - it isn't. If Botox has caused your face to drop or trashed your skin then you are an easy target to be sold another procedure like cheek filler or Fraxel etc. It was repeatedly suggested to me that I could benefit from having my cheeks 'built up' with dermal filler. Ummm... if my cheeks weren't flattened by Botox then I wouldn't need the filler, would I? Forget it!

And I cannot tell you how many times I have been tempted to have that bulge under my eye removed with a lower blepharoplasty but my patience has paid off and it is almost gone. What if I'd had a blepharoplasty after 6 months? All the doctors say Botox only lasts 6 months maximum, so I could have believed at that point that my face was the best it was going to get and had the blepharoplasty. If I had done that I would be in trouble now - probably complaining about too much fat being removed and hollow eyes because all it needed was TIME. Lots more time than I was told it would. Please wait it out a bad Botox result for a full year and then assess the damage. It will take a lot longer than you think and waiting it is the hardest thing I have ever done, but if you want your face back then more and more procedures will only get you further away from it.

HOW 'RARE' ARE THESE HORRIBLE AESTHETIC BOTOX RESULTS? - There is only one answer to that: WHO THE HELL KNOWS? There is no obligation on the injector to report bad aesthetic outcomes, so presumably they don’t. From the reports on RealSelf, patients are generally dismissed as neurotic and hysterical when something goes wrong and told it is ‘natural ageing’ or 'all in their minds' unless it is the undeniable eyelid ptosis. People often don’t have the language to describe what went wrong (no doctor told me the right words or what happened - I worked it out myself from research, research, research and sharing information with other people on this website!). And people simply don’t know how or where to report a bad aesthetic result from Botox.

I would strongly suggest that the combination of these factors means that, at the very least, undesirable aesthetic outcomes from Botox are SIGNIFICANTLY UNDER-REPORTED. I reported my bad result to the injector, other doctors, Allergan, the FDA and the TGA (Australian equivalent of the FDA). If you have had a bad Botox result, please take the time to report it. No wonder the product can continue to be marketed as ‘safe’ and ‘effective’ without challenge. Millions of good results? Says who? The doctors aren’t going to tell you their stuff ups because it would undermine your confidence in their skill as a practitioner. Allergan isn’t going to tell you because it would hurt sales of their product. Botox has a 41% NOT WORTH IT rating on this website as at this update, which speaks volumes to me and lots of those reviews are from people who have had previous success with Botox from the SAME provider.
TECHNIQUE OR PRODUCT? – Someone on RealSelf very aptly described it as a ‘crap shoot’. I agree.

IS BOTOX PERMANENT? WILL THERE BE PERMANENT DAMAGE? – I don’t know. I don’t know. All the reports say that Botox is temporary. Okay, the nerves reconnect to the muscles, which technically means it is temporary, but does this mean that the muscles will ever regain their proper shape and strength? Will they pull the skin back to where it once was? I don’t know the answer to this yet.

HOW HAS A BAD AESTHETIC RESULT FROM BOTOX MADE ME FEEL? – It has been the most isolating, debilitating and lonely experience of my life. I would not have made it without RealSelf and my heart goes out to all those others living this same nightmare. The loss of my self-confidence has affected all aspects of my life – social, personal and professional. I will never get this time back. I could use every negative adjective in the world, but I am going to choose one: devastating.

TO BOTOX USERS AND POTENTIAL USERS – Please consider this warning before having Botox.

TO BOTOX INJECTORS – Listen and learn.

Name not provided

Botox is FDA approved *only* for the glabella region and for a very good reason - it can be 'hit and miss' when used in other areas of the face. There are also aesthetic limits to Botox, particularly when it is used repeatedly. Never mix Botox with another injectable (like dermal filler) or another procedure (like laser) at the same appointment. You might not be able to work out what happened if something goes wrong. Take your time! Please inform yourself about Botox as much as you can before using it. Know the right questions to ask your providers and if they cannot answer them properly then do not proceed. The "magic miracle" of Botox can rapidly turn monstrous.

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Hi TBF. I know it's a 4 year old post, but I thought I'd give you a shout and see How you are doing? How have you progressed? I myself am going through a second misfortune. Had a filler mishap which made a mess of my nose..have been having botox for a few years, then had a bad reaction. Eyes are puffy, lids puffy, smaller..very unfortunate.. I hope you are doing well and hope to hear from you . Be well!
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Hi, and thanks for your comment. I stopped doing Botox for a few years, then periodically use only a few units, up to 19 only for the brow area and frown lines, and not at all around the eyes, after the event. It took about 6 months to recover, but was very slow. After speaking with a surgeon who also has an aesthetic clinic, he told me two things could have caused the drooping. One, the doctor used too many units, and two, she could have missed the muscle and injected into a nearby muscle that caused the muscle to atrophy. The one other thing he mentioned, which makes perfect sense is, the way they dilute(and dilute is not the word he used, but Botox powder is reconstituted into a liquid), and depending on how they reconstituted the Botox, too much could cause it to trickle down from the injection site and affect another muscle. It is very complicated, but I would not have anyone inject Botox into my muscles, unless they were a qualified physician. It is very important how they reconstitute the powder to stay put at the injection site and give optimal results. He was the only doctor that would actually explain in detail what could have happened. The doctor who originally administered the Botox, tried to blame it on me and said, "oh, those are tiny muscles." She said everyone is asymmetrical, yes, but not something that is so severe that it resembles palsy on one side of your face. She was rude to me and refused a refund and told me it was temporary. I said to her, ok what if this was your face, and how would you feel about it? My face has never totally recovered, I have a weak muscle on that side of my face now, and it's more noticable when I use Botox, so I have decided it is not good for me. Good luck with everything. Thanks again for your comment.
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Hi Badbtx. Wow! That makes a lot of sense with the dilution process. I surely felt something was off with this treatment. Never had a reaction like that. My eyes are a bit of a mess right now for sure. I don't think I'll be brave to try it again anywhere else but my masetter muscle which helps treat my bruxism problem. TMJ issue.. is this a second account for you? I just noticed it was a different post name from tried but failed. Glad to hear though that things greatly improved for you. I am on the painful road of being patient with my recovery. Brows have dropped greatly. Eyes puffy. I'll just have to say I have allergies lol thanks for responding back. Good to hear you have had no other problems with the eyes.
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I also wanted to note that I am sorry for your experience and how you where treated. I can't understand why such a lack of compassion becomes evident when things go wrong during these procedures. I think mostly out of fear of blame or persecution. Though botox indeed, like fillers, can go wrong at any time and in unthinkable ways due to the unique chemistry of each individual body. Again, i am happy things mostly resolved. Take care of your health.
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Tried but failed. How are you now? Has there been any improvement? I've had a terrible allergy to botox - rare apparently, but who knows ... Also, you mentioned you had an issue with dissolving the filler with hyaluronidase. What was the problem? I'm wanting to do that too as the injector made it too shallow and it's like a pillow sitting on my cheek.
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Hi, febuary 14 I was talked to the dysport disconet promotion. 8 days later my eye brows drooped. They told me to come back in that they could fix it. I didn't relize that what she injected was more dysport into the corners of my eye brows 10 units. after that seconed ijection all hell broke lose. I thought I was going to die from this I saw diffrent doctors and had to go to the ER I could not swollow food water and shakes. I was so sick. I had weakness in my jaw my neck and my upper lip. First injection was 75 units crows feet and forhead. The second injection was onley 10 units on the 22nd. I have improved alittle I can eat again. my nose droped my sinuse hurt and my ears droped and my neck muscles under my chin are mushy and it burns. The plastic surgery dr. told me I was suffrening from extrem anxiety and said this was something none related to the dysport. Fianal I saw a Neulogist. She does large amounts of injections in people with medical issues She said that yes I had definetly suferd from toxin spread. She has seen the worst of it and assured me I will recover. I've had to go into counsling for this and really live in the moment it's been a challenge. Try to stay positive.
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I've been having Botox injections around my eyes for several years with never any side effects. I've also had Restylane and Juvederm in the past for naso-labial groove lines. Most of the time I've been happy with the results but one time my doctor injected too much of it and I had a worm looking line on the right side of my face for several weeks/months.
Recently I had a face lift (same surgeon) and was very happy with the results. 2 1/2 months later once the swelling was completing gone I noticed bags appearing under my eyes, closer to the upper cheeks than the eyes. My surgeon calls them festoon lines and now tells me that's it my natural process of aging. My mother died at 85 and never had them neither my father nor do my 2 sisters who are 51 and 61. I'm 55 and almost overnight he is telling me that I developed festoon lines.
I'm very upset about it, really obsessed, it's negating the positive look of my face lift and I'm wondering if anyone has any idea of what could have happened.
I've had a really good relationship with my surgeon for years but now I feel he is washing his hands off of me and telling me that an eye lid surgeon should be able to deal with festoon lines although that's a tough cosmetic condition.
HELP please, don't quite know where to turn. Thanks
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Have you done botox after the surgery? Or has it been a while?
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Hi Chipmunk face. Thanks for your info. Glad to hear you don't have permanent damage. I have the exact same problems as you. Loss of fat over the top and side of cheek bones and one side which hangs much lower than the other. To add to all this, I have droopy upper eyelids. It all looks terrible when I smile but they eyelids look terrible all the time. I will start my detox programme mid-August. How is it going for you? Has anyone heard from Tried but failed? K how are you doing? It's been a just over a year for you. It's a year today for me. My face is just the same. I'm thinking of you. xx
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I am having a bad day today, it seems like my progress has halted. I have saggy skin at the top of my cheeks and sides with loss of fat, when I smile it is not pretty. I dont smile with my eyes like I used to. My lip is still a little crooked too. It has been two months and I know it is not in the time range of you all but I know how you feel. I hate the way I look and it makes me want to cry. I notice after getting a little dehydrated it looks alot worse. I drank a few the other night and woke up to worse. I have been chugging water and really lifted heavy weights to make my body strong and hoping it will make a difference in any muscle stimulation in my face. Thanks for being there ladies, I hope you all are ok.
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Hi ABB, I am so sorry to hear that after a year things are still awful for you. My heart goes out to you, as I know how disabling this experience is. It appears we are all suffering very similar effects from botox, loss of fat and muscle atrophy and consequently sagging skin. It is nearly 11 months for me, and I am still not fully recovered. I have received a private email from TBF and she has been really poorly with pneumonia on top of it all. I hope and pray that she recovers soon as she has been a rock to us all. There have been some improvements in the past couple of months, in that my face has lifted slightly and the muscle atrophy is beginning to improve also. But it is so painfully slow, and is still nowhere near full recovery. The neurologist I saw said it can take up to two years to fully recover. In some ways this gives me hope, as I think this is not the final outcome, but in other ways I think it is an awfully long time to wait. Aliesmom, you are doing all the right things, and it will improve from where you are now. Love and healing to you all xx
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Hi, Chipmunk face. I have read your posts many times and wonder if you ever got back to normal? What about Tried but Failed? Did you ever hear again from her? I am 9 mos now. A few women on this site and I always talk about you guys and wonder if you ever got better ? Can you please write if you get this and let us know how you are? I pray you got better! Thanks so much, CF. XO
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Hi fellow botox victims, just to keep you updated. I visited a neurologist today (at 38 weeks) and he gave me the wonderful news that I DO NOT HAVE PERMANENT NERVE DAMAGE!! Thought I'd let you know as I was told that I did have this by a GP I visited a month ago, which has since thrown me into a deep depression. I took before and after pictures along to the consultation (taken a week before the botox, a week after and one 8 months later). The neurologist thought that the extreme redness and swelling of cheeks and eyes were due to a severe allergic reaction from the botox. This swelling lasted 6 months! Now the swelling has gone down I am left with red marked sagging skin and loss of muscle and fat (particularly over the top and side of the cheek bones) on one side more than the other making it look asymmetric. However, he does think that facial exercises will help to stimulate the growth of new nerve fibres, which should inturn build up facial muscle and fill out the skin again. He suggested that I should avoid having any treatment for another 2 years, as my face will continue to change, and it could make things worse. I'm not sure I can wait that long looking like this, but I will wait another year. I do believe there is hope that with time, exercise and detoxing all our faces will improve...but I think it is going to take a long time for some of us, but hopefully a lot less time for most of you xx
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I have been reading on this sight for days, I am hoping I will have a good outcome. I had Dysport may 21 and everything looked fine until a week later my right side top lip cannot lift to smile, my cheek is flatter on that side also. It is so helpful to me to read that there are others in the same boat as me, it has really helped me to stop freaking out about it. I also dont look in the mirror as much as I was either. I hope you all are seeing big improvements, even though I dont know you I am thinking good thoughts for you.
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Hi Alliesmom, it does sound like you have facial droop from the botox injected for crows feet (either too medially or too low on the cheek), which has weakened the eye muscle too much and consequently affected the cheek and upper lip muscle. I too still have facial droop and it is still not right unfortunately after 37 weeks. Although, I think yours will improve in the next few months. I would suggest you start detoxing ASAP. As I think the sooner you get the botox out of your system, the sooner the muscle will recover. Have you read uncool's posts. She has a brilliant detoxing program that I think will rid the body of this dreadful toxin. I wish I knew about this during the early days as I think I would have recovered by now. I also think doing facial exercises are good, as long as you are not stretching the skin...just do them in gentle and gradual movements to begin. I wish you a speedy recovery xx
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I have read it, I am going to try to do all I can to feel better and get somewhat normal. If I dont smile you cannot really tell but I smile a lot and it is hard for me not to. I have been exercising alot, drinking protein shakes, heat and doing lots of facial movements. I even wake up at night and just automatically do them. I want my wrinkles back rather than look this way. I had a bad day yesterday and I have been reading a lot of stories that do help because you all know how it feels as no one in my family can truly understand how it feels. Feeling ugly, guilty and a little isolated. Thank you for your reply. Here's to wrinkles soon!
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Hello all. My filler dissaster continues. My swelling spot will never leave.. I have a hard time with social life, I dont want tto see anyone anymore. I will do a MR screan if it is impossible to see what damage fillers have done to me. I dont think it is much filler left but my cheeks are not the same. Talked with Q-med. A nurse should not do sub q he say, it is such a difficult procedue... I feel cheated and depressed. I want to be positiv but it is hard
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Simba1234, did the swelling resolve itself?
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Avoiding mirrors is a good idea but bloody hard to do. It is so easy to obsess over looking for improvement! What a horrible, horrible, horrible experience and I hope we are all out of it very soon...
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Thats a good point ABB. I avoided them for 4 months then started looking again when I thought I should be seeing progress. Big mistake. Totally obsessed with the horror of my reflection. Set back mentally and emotionally. Want to go live in the jungle for a year so no one can see me and I can't see me.
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Speaking of avoiding mirrors. When I moved into my current apartment, about two months into this nightmare, my bathroom mirror lights went out and now I cannot see how bad I look. Then last week all the hallway lights went out too, so now I can't see in that mirror. There's literally one room in the whole place where I can see myself. So I've been helped out by a greater power, it seems.
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Avoiding mirrors!!! I think that has saved me from really totally cracking up. Another trick I have is to do a couple of eye exercises before looking in the mirror if u absolutely need to. This tends to temporarily firm things up and therefore you feel less sh*t when looking at yourself. All sounds very silly but it helps. Yay chipmunk face for you improvement. Your friend noticing is such a good sign x
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Well said eyeschicago. I completely agree. Chipmunk Face, I think both EC and TBF are so right about your GP. How could he possibly tell that you had any permanent damage anyway??? That's just absurd. My ex-husband is a GP and if he said that I had permanent nerve damage (he would not have been that stupid), I would not have believed him anyway. GP's are in no way trained to advise on the complexities of damage caused by BOTOX. Thank you EC and TBF. Your words are always a great support. I hope you're both having better days, as for everyone in this shitty situation. xx
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Thank you ABB, eyechicago and TBF for your great support. I agree with you all. I am going to schedule an appointment with a neurologist soon, and find out if this is true or not. I hope not!!! I still live in hope that I will improve to near normal. A friend I saw last Friday, and again this evening, said she had already noticed that the huge ridge down the side of my face is not quite as raised as it was on Friday. That is good news! I only hope that the fat and muscle that has atrophied from the outer edge of this ridge (down the whole side of my face) comes back soon too! I am avoiding mirrors at the moment as it helps me not to get too hopeless about it all. Sending you all healing thoughts xx
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Hello all - Week 46 tomorrow and the ridge along my face is also not as bad anymore when I lift my face to smile. I think that this stuff takes a long, long time to wear off and the muscles take a long, long time to regain their strength. We just have to be patient and not panic. Chipmunk Face, I think if we hang in for a few more months that it will continue to improve. Doctors are often wrong! Maybe we won't go back to exactly how it was but it might be only noticeable to us? I am still considering surgery but I have waited this long and I can wait a few months more. Thanks to you all for the company and support in this long and lonely experience. Cheers, K
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