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Flu Symptoms, Numbness, Lethargy, Feeling Awful

Was very nervous of having botox but excited at...

was very nervous of having botox but excited at the same time. procedure went smoothly, doctor was great... had forehead creases injected, horizontal/vertical wrinkle, 11 injections in total... am suffering horrifically post treatment, need some advice desperately as internet surfing is coming up with just horror tories and not helping... rang the doctor who administered the botox... not very helpful i am sad to say :9 pls help

Had botox on forehead 24 hrs ago, slowly...

had botox on forehead 24 hrs ago, slowly developing cold symptoms, blocked nose and ears, stiff neck, horrific headache, general malaise, nausea, tingling/numbness in cheeks and top lip, gums tingle on and off, eye ball muscles feel as tho they don't want to move, horrific sensation??? and i'm finding it an effort to smile.

is this it for 3 months? please... help, i'm a lone parent finding it very hard to look after my little boy... i just feel like crying... surely the feeling will return to my eyes and cheeks? and i will regain some energy?? i actually feel really weird! this cannot be normal surely? are they gonna last? 

is this it for 3 months? surely the feeling will return to my eyes and cheeks? and i will regain some energy?? i actually feel really weird! this cannot be normal surely? are they gonna last?
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this amount of inconvenience on only day 1 after procedure is not worth anything... i feel as though i have a frozen face almost, and its the lack of eyeball movement that is freaking me out... i felt good inside before this procedure, i feel like i am not even myself now....

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It is good to have this forum to feel connected. I am in my early 50's. Had my first Botox and restylane injections 2.5 days ago on one side of glabellar region. On the first day, I got a bad headache - migraine-like, and nausea, for 2 days. I took an imitrex for the headache and today I woke up without the headache. However, I now have extreme fatigue, lightheadedness, brain fog. In bed for two days. How long does it take to go away?
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Hi Ladies,
I have an update you might be interested in!
As I mentioned above I had a BAD experience with botox last year.
Well, I thought I would try a little bit again by a different person and see how it went.
No problems at all! - I have since had it again, and again, no problems and I'm REALLY happy with the result :-)
The nurse thought it was weird that I had that reaction and that it may have been a 'bad batch' of botox...hmmmm.
I'm still a bit hesitant to get my crows feet done because last time it made me look weird, but once again, this nurse assured me that if it is injected properly there is no weird chipmink cheeks!
So I maaaay try that in the future and get back to you.
Anyway, all is good and I hope you are all great!
Pinky x x x
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Yeah, I often think maybe I should try again! And then remember the horrific side effects! I wish they would ban the stuff, and I wonder what all these women would look like having taken for a decade... Surely they'd suffer from muscle atrophy in their faces eventually? I still recommend facial exercise!
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Well an update...I had my glabellar region done april 27th this yr....now October...All back to normal EXCEPT the mid life alzhiemers I am experiencing now...I feel stupid...I call the kettle the toaster I call the kitchen the room....I just cant get the right words out sometimes...Still suffer anxiety if I get overtired or drink caffeine. AND I look angry as my frown is well and truly back....When I feel good Ihave this thought....Oh I should get it done again as it looked so good and refreshed and then I read back on my posts and remember the torture and deathly feeling I had instantly after having it injected and decide that would be stupid.!! My complaint to Allergan has gone unreplied also!!! GRRR
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Ten days ago I had botox injections in my forehead. I don't have the injections on a regular basis and I know this is how I can tell you it is side effects. The doctors also told me the same as all of you who have commented. But day 10 I become lethargic and tired. I basically don't wont to function. I love the results but not the reaction and now I don't know if I will do this again. Does anyone know if there are side effects with restalyne and can it be used on the forehead? I really haven't done any research on that product. I use a lot of homeopathic products. I am sure there is a product to take for poison in the body. If botox has to be excreted the same way as any injection then it has to go through our system? So this may possibly help.
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Thanks for your feedback designerstu...I will get back to you on the facial exercises lol...Cant move my forehead at the moment and also wondering whats the life of the actual botox? Is it for the whole 4-6months or does it disperse from the body quicker than the actual numbness effects etc. Feeling ok today , managed to go to work...woohoo but on the verge of panicing all day...xo
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It won't last, you'll feel better soon... Each day will bring you back to normality! Until you finally land again. It's horrible, my sympathies are with you... Nothing is worth it and as you say, the doctors just have not got a clue, they are useless. I went to the hospital, they eventually looked it up and admitted that there are some side effects associated with it. Idiots. They tried to tell me I had swine flu!!
Anyway. Has anyone tried facial exercise? I'm serious! It's brilliant. Don't get wrong, it's hard work, but the difference is brilliant. I did it for 6 weeks and gave myself a much much better face. I then stopped ( for last 6 weeks) and my old face has returned! I can't stress enough, if you are serious about having a face that looks 10 yrs younger then try it out. No quick fixes I'm afraid, dedication is needed... But I swear I'm going to restart them again this week as difference is very much worth it. Also I believe ( from what I have read) that the results improve continually peaking after a year ( when you then need to adapt your routine), so I didn't even experience a 'real' result from after 6 weeks! And even from six weeks I am still convinced it's the way to go. Just thought to share it. It's natural, it makes you feel good, and makes you look so refreshed, I'd even started wearing /needing less make up!
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Funny how EVERY DOCTOR denies it has anything to do with the botox...They treat us patronisingly and like we have no idea what our own bodies feel. I had 20 units done 4 days ago and have felt like death since. Today is the first day I have not woken up and cried my eyes out. I have weak muscles, anxiety (major) shakes, feel "WEIRD" and generally unwell with a high temp. These morons cannot continue to keep injecting this evil poison into our bodies...This was the first and last time I ever jeapardise my body and life again. I have 3 kids and have been to the dr 4 times and er once due to how I am feeling they just fobb me off...I hope to god and pray to god this wont last for months!
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Hi Pinky, Thanks for your your reply. It does seem to be a gamble on what outcome you get from it. I really don't fancy gambling with my health. Thanks for your advice and goodluck with any future beauty decisions you make. Susie.x
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Hi Pinky, P.S - I forgot to ask, you mentioned that your brother and mom use botox too, i just wondered how they get on with it. Do they get the same reactions as you? Susie.x
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Hi Susie,
My brother wasn't that happy with his botox as it created wrinkles in a different spot when he smiled.
My Mom's was ok, but once she wasn't happy with the way it made her eyebrows look.
I don't think they were sick from it though.
We have all been to different people too, so it wasn't as if we went to one doctor who didn't know what they were doing, it just seems to be a gamble every time.
I have been happy with it a couple of times in the past, but the bad FAR outway the good.
Hope this helps
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Hi, I've been considering botox for a while but i'm so scared of the side affects, so i've been trying to find out all about it, then i found this site and i'm so glad i have as its totally made me think twice. I really just wanted a little for my crows feet but if its the choice between crows feet and a healthy body or no lines and being sick and anxious for weeks i think i won't bother with the poison. I also heard that if you have it under your eyes it can make your eyes look bulgy. It just annoys me to think there are so many people and celebrities out there that are using it and are fine, but are they? They maybe get bad reactions too. Don't think i'll chance it. Just wish there was a poison free way of taking off the years or better, wish i'd just be happy with my wrinkles. Sorry to go on, just glad i found a site that tells you the truth. Thanks.xx
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Hi Susie,
I would seriously think twice... if you get it for your crows feet it can ruin your whole smile as it pushes your cheeks out in a WEIRD way- it has happened to me a couple of times with the crows feet area and I hated it sooooooo much!!!
Go the natural healthy look! a couple of wrinkle is better than looking like a freak.
My last disaster botox has worn off and I've never been happier to see a few little wrinkle return- I look WAY better.
Good luck!
Pinky x
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Hi Pinky, Thanks for your advice. I can imagine what that must look like when your cheeks are pushed out. I've often looked in the mirror and pushed my lines away and what i look look like isn't very nice but i just think 'oh i'm sure it'll be fine' so its good to hear that it actually isn't always fine. My lines are mostly smile lines as when i'm not smiling its not too bad but when i smile i look sooo much older which makes me not want to smile at anybody but thats just daft! The thing that bothers me is that my wrinkles aren't going to get any better with time just worse. Oh, i'll just have to start loving them cause i don't want to be ill with a weird looking face. So thanks again. Susie.x
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Feeling great today!
Thank God... I have all my energy back and I feel happy and relaxed again.
You were right about the Pepto Bismul :-)
~ Pinky x
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Hi Pinky,

I'm so glad you are feeling better and that the Pepto Bismol mystery was solved and everything is good. Please keep us updated.


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That is exactly what I needed to hear.. because it was making me pannick and adding to the weird feeling.
Thanx so much.
Now I will stop taking it and reoport back AGAIN tomorrow.
You, and this site have been very helpful to me Britt... very much appreciated.
This whole experience has made me want to expose the Botox thing.
I'm in the entertainment business and soooo many of my friends and peers use it...even my brother and Mom!
Anyway, will get back to you guys tomorrow.
~ Pinky x
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No problem Pinky, I'm glad I could help. Yes, please do keep me updated tomorrow.


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Hi Britt,
Yeah, I have been taking some stomach relief pills that have the same ingredients.
But yesterday I felt pretty fine most of the day, so it's weird that the Black stuff is still there.
It just scares me that the color is black... do you know if this is a serious problem?
I'm just not sure if i should wait another day and see if it gets better or go to a doctor.
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Hi Pinky,

It's probably nothing to be worried about actually. Most stomach relief pills have a form of charcoal in them, and when they go through your body and come out it turns your stool black. Your tongue in the morning might also be black. So probably nothing to worry about. Here's an article about it, fourth paragraph from the top. If you stop taking it and wait a week and it still is I would be worried. Hope that helps.


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Hi Pinky,

Have you taken Pepto Bismol for your upset stomache at all between now and Sunday?


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Ok, so... now it's Tuesday morning and I woke up feeling a bit funny in the tummy again and went to the toilet and still have diarrhea.. and (sorry to be graphic) BUT it's black :(
This is not good. it has been this color since Sunday.
I googled it and apparently I should go and see a doctor....hmmmm.
Besides this, I feel 'OK' but a little weird... I felt better yesterday.
~ Pinky
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Hey Britt!
It's Monday afternoon now (5 days after the botox)and I'm feeling WAY better as the day goes on...still not %100 but I'm able to get out and about and the symptoms seem to be going away.
I still feel a little out of it and a slight headache...but getting the spring back in my step.
So this is good news for others to hear.
I'll post agian tomorrow with another update
Stay positive everyone!
~ Pinky x
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Thanks for the update Pinky, yes an update would be great.

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Hey everyone...
I found this site as I was considering getting botox again..it has been a year since I last had it.
The first few times I had it it was amazing...all good.
The second last time I had it, I did the crows feet area and had that horrendous cheek disaster!! where my smile looked all weird and different and I had those dents appear under my eyes...I was soooo relieved when it finally wore off...
SO, I went on Wednsday to get just my frown lines a a little bit in the forhead done so it won't affect my smile.
Fri night and it's looking good! I went out with a friend, didn't drink or anything and after I came home and went to bed- in the middle of the night I woke up and ran to the bathroom..violently vomiting...and diarrhea.. ALL night...my whole body was aching, bad headache, sooo lethargic..I couldn't even send a text I felt so sick :( sick all day Sat and now it's Sunday night..I feel a bit better..still have a tight head and tired and a bit nauseas..which is why I google and found this sight!- I couldn't believe it..I was blaming the Thai curry I ate that morning, but after reading all of these posts it all makes sense!
I'm a very fit active person and I'm hoping this clears up quickly...
Hope everyone's doing Ok
~ Pinkypink x
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