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Botox Eyebrow Lift Gone Wrong

I had Botox injected about a month ago to even out...

I had Botox injected about a month ago to even out the space between my right eye and eyebrow and it didn't do anything it actually lifted my left eyebrow when I needed my right eyebrow lifted. When I would raise my eyebrows my left one raise and my right wouldn't move.

I called the dr's office to schedule another appointment a week after to have a look and she had gone on vacation and wasn't going to be back for another 2 weeks. I was quite annoyed since I didn't know she was going on vacation. Usually a practice will tell you that. I had a total 12 units injected into my forehead and around my right eyebrow area.

I went to another medical professional to about having the problems fixed as I had to go back to this other dr. before because I didn't get what I asked and paid for the first time. They injected a total 12 units into my II's and around my right eyebrow area. After a week my right eyebrow seemed to concave so I went back in for a top up to see if that could be fixed and when I frowned my right brow would go alot lower than the left and when I would raise my eyebrows my right one still wouldn't move. They used between 2-4units

So after a week I went back into try and get fixed and it has been about 5 days I am still not seeing any difference. My right brow still concaves and goes lower than my left when I frown, when I raise my eyebrows the right doesn't move and the space between my right eyebrow and lid is still not even with my left.

I am not upset with the practice I went to after the first botox treatment I am most upset with the first dr. The other practice has been very helpful but right now I am not sure what to do cos nothing seems to be fixing it.

I have attached some photos that I have taken after the last treatment with me raising my eyebrows, normal, and frowning. I want to know if this can be fixed or if I need to wait til the botox wears off. Is there anyway I can make it wear off sooner or can I see someone else to get it fixed. I like my left eyebrow but the right seems to be giving me all the trouble.

Please help me I really want this fixed. I have had about a total of 30units. I work with th public on a daily basis and I don't want to frown or raise my eyebrows because of the way they look when I do it and I have to wear eye makeup to make them look even which I hate. PLEASE HELP!!!!

Do you think it's possible that I have eyelid/brow ptosis? Do you think I could have had it before the botox since my eyelids where uneven before hand and that is reason I had botox to correct it?


From the photos it is difficult to say, only that you have a little bit of droopiness on both eyes. I had always a difference between my two eyes and everytime I said to the doctor to inject more on one side thatn onthe other, I ended up with uneven eyes and brows and sometimes even wrinkles that I did not notice before. Fortunately I found a doctor specialized in eyes (eyelidoperations and ofthalmology related surgeries) He knows exactly how the eyes react. From the time I started with him, my eyes look big and even, but I have to return every 4 months to get the results I want. My advice: look up reviews in the internet about doctors in your area and look for doctors specialzed in eyes. they know exactly what to do with your eyes. and if you can not find one, just wait, fortunately Botox helps but does not last forever and the time in between is the BEST.
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I just had the same thing. I already have high arches for eyebrows and the doc put a little more on the right to comensate. Now they are definitely uneven. This is my fifth time having botox so I prefer to have it wear off a bit before re-injecting otherwise it starts to look very frozen and will be a constant battle. I see it's been a few weeks now...has it subsided at all?

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Yeah, I had Botox in the outside of both eyebrows; it was supposed to 'lift' them a little and help me find my eyelids again. They did it again because I didn't see a difference two weeks after the first injections. It's been two months and I still see no difference...and no eyelids.
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