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Botox: Effectively Reduced Depression - West Orange, NJ

After reading an article on the possible effects...

After reading an article on the possible effects Botox could have treating patients who suffer from Depression and Bi-Polar Syndrome, I contacted a well known clinic, for further information. While the study was not definitive, I discovered Botox, if given effectively, could indeed reduce Depression in patients by eliminating, or reducing, the constant frown that often accompanies depressive states.

I decided to have the procedure done, and within days I realized, especially waking in the morning, that my face did not look as bad and I actually began to feel better.

Botox is not, I repeat, is not a replacement for medication but it certainly helped to change my overall state-of-mind. Succinctly, I felt better.

It has been well over a year since my initial post...

It has been well over a year since my initial post above. I have continued Botox Treatments with Dr. Neigel and I think the results have been phenomenal. My disposition has improved 100%, which has had a positive effect in my professional career and my personal life as well. Dr. Neigel is an outstanding professional and I highly recommend her services; she is concerned about the emotional and physical well-being of her patients - this is the best treatment one can possible receive.

After two years and, as this last month (August...

After two years and, as this last month (August 2011), I am happy to update my original comment and too add some further information regarding Dr. Neigel, frankly I could not be happier. Now many things have occurred over the past two years to contribute to my sense of happiness, this is most certainly true indeed and I would never claim that Botox Injections are solely responsible, but those injections started me on a path to feel better, look better, and just have a better disposition on life. Listen when you do not look angry from lines chiseled into your forehead, people are happy to deal with you and, as such, you respond in kind. Well this is what happened, in part, with my changed attitude. I felt better and looked better and people seemed happier to be around me; thus, life began to improve. What could be better.

As I mentioned above, I recently visited Dr. Neigel again and received Botox in my brow - she is just so wonderful and easy to deal with that the visit was a pleasure. After two weeks since my visit, can tell the difference. Personally I think Botox works even better when you are feeling right with the world, and I am feeling right with the world.

Thanks Dr. Neigel!
West Orange Oculoplastic Surgeon

Botox not only reduced wrinkles but, and more importantly, had a direct and nearly immediate impact upon my disposition and state-of-mind.

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what ever floats u boat. Its diffrent for everbody. Do what you feel works for you. My personal thought is he looks fantastic....
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Studies do indicate that frowning makes you feel bad. And there's more than one study showing this. Likewise, smiling makes you happy, even if it's a forced smile. This guy isn't advocating botox as a cure-all, but I say, whatever works! Good on you Keijoh for your new-thinking. And your new look! You look amazing. Healthy and happy.
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Hi Keijoh! I wanted to let you know that I also suffer from depression, sometimes severe. I read your review last year and was really excited about the possibility of alleviating some of this aweful illness, not to mention the nasty elevens. Well I must say, I was very impressed. Within 2 weeks the depression lifted. That was in june of last year. I just started feeling blue again this month and thats a first for me. So two thumbs up for botox. I will definately be getting it again.
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I mentioned earlier and would like to reiterate - I do not believe Botox is "the way" to treat depression; Depression is a complex and multifaceted disease. Botox made me feel better and as such it is one, of many "ways" to combat Depression. I would have thought this was obvious to anyone reading this blog.
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Botox is NOT the way to treat depression, you need to change your outlook by reading some free self help books from you library and maybe join a support group in your area. Botox is a chemical that paralyses the muscle in the area that it's who knows what long term affects it will have.

Just remember, all the doctors and surgeons are pushing products to make money from you -ALOT of money from you. Their bank accounts grow each time you are conned into thinking you need those substances.
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I actually agree with this guys perspective on the psychological benefits of Botox use, because I've experienced it myself. It has actually been noted in studies that your facial expressions send messages to the brain. You feel better if you smile, and sour if you frown. Add to that the social feedback of not going around looking angry all the time, people do relax in your presence and so on. I think this is a treatment that more people need to hear about as an alternative to just meds...........
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If you look sad or tired, you tend to feel sad or tired. If you look relaxed you tend to feel relaxed. Botox is great! I just wish one treatment lasted a lifetime!
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I had Dr. Neigel perform upper and lower blepharoplasty and s-lift, and also had her inject botox for the lines between my eyes. She is wonderful! It's been a few years since I had the procedures, and I don't regret it for a second!
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Oh come on, Tried and Failed! Really? Why do you have to rain on this guys parade. I think he looks terrific and more power to him for doing something for himself that makes him feel so much better! Good for you!
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I think it looks good, im 30 and really want this done to get rid of the angry 11's on my face...i hate it so much, i refuse photos and such...i think your results look good.
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I'm really glad for you that botox has assisted you in this way and I can see the theoretical link between facial movements expressing negative emotions and depression itself. However, a common side effect of botox is anxiety and this often accompanies depression, perhaps exacerbating it. And lots of other people describe a feeling of doom or dread after botox as a side effect. Therefore, botox on frown lines would seem a pretty risky treatment for depression, don't you think? Further, if the botox result is bad and the eyebrows are dropped or the forehead feels heavy - and this happens! - then even with the missing ability to frown I would assume clinical depression may be worsened. And let me assure you that if the overall botox result is bad then it causes depression! (Read my reviews and posts if you want to see how bad it can get.) Also, many of the people on this site have good botox experiences for years and years only to get the surprise terrible experience - either from bad results or bad side effects. WhileI accept that depression is hard to treat, I would think that the risks associated with botox as a treatment for depression outweigh any positive outcome that might be acheived. I would be interested to see how you feel when the botox starts to wear off...
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