Botched Sclerotherapy Caused Scars and Hyperpigmented Lesions

I had multiple clusters of spider veins on my legs...

I had multiple clusters of spider veins on my legs. Doctor performed sclerotherapy. All he used to find my veins was a regular light. Ended up going though the veins & injected solution into soft tissue.

Now I have ulcerated scars on both of my legs (he made the same mistake twice!!). The skin surrounding the scar is now hyperpigmented. He said all we could do would be waiting for them to completely heal...then he would cut the original scar out & give me a new (smaller) scar.

Spent 9 months after procedure putting silver sulfadine cream on the lesions & covering with bandages. It has now been one year. Not only do I have the scars/lesions, but the bruising from the other veins that were treated haven't diminished.

Should he have used something else to find the "feeder veins"?. Is this the most appropriate way to treat the scarring? What can I do about the botched job?

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Did you see Dr. Oz this past week? A Dr. did a demo of a new method. It was completely painless and he went after the feeder veins. The spider veins just disappeared. I'm interested as my legs were destroyed from injections. The cost was $500. for 40 injections. I would do 5 and wait for the end result. I want to see that girls legs in a month so I hope he has her back on his show.
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When you get treatments and start noticing dark, discolored spots, you need to go back into the clinic right away and have them drain the pooled blood- they poke it with a large needle and squeeze the trapped blood out, and this really reduces the chance of hyperpigmentation. The last time I had sclerotherapy done, the nurse performing the procedure told me a lot of clinics do not offer this service and just tell people to wait for it to resolve on its own, which it really doesn't, so if anyone tries sclero again make sure you find a reputable clinic that will do this!
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I went to a "vein expert" vascular surgeon. I am 29 years old and had a few spider veins. I received sclerotherapy from this guy and I am left with matting and staining that is wayyyyy worse than what I started with. The discloration is still there, and it has been almost 6 months. I called to discuss my concerns with them and did not have a good experience. This MD charges $695 for sclero treatments. I am a Registered Nurse and have done quite a bit of research. I think this guy used to strong of a concentration of sotradecol on my veins. I could go on and on. I am so embarrassed and frustrated.
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I think I will check out the comments from those who have tried lazer. I'm 66 and have been wearing black tights and ankle length dresses for over 20 years now after trying 2 different Dr.'s for injections. They destroyed my legs!!
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To add I tried hydroquionine with little results. Lazer may be my only option but $$$$. As far as the spyder veins there is a treatment called thermocoagulation that I have read about. Fancy word for laser?? who knws but its 300 a pop :/
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I am sorry Babi. This whole thing stinks. Here is the latest. I had as couple of follow up treatments with another doctor with iimproved results but for some reason the veins they go after around my ankles and feet do not seem to be getting any better. As far as the dark spots, they are fading somewhat but are still visible.I am sure they are no big deal to some as I have seen worse legs at my gym but to me they are bad and I am very self concious.

I have worked on strengthing my the muscles in my lege and it seems to help in the re appearance of any new varicose or spider veins. The downer is that now I have heaviness, burning and itching in my ankles and feet. I have much better insurance now so I am hoping that some of this wil be covered due to the discomfort I now experience. The tough part is figuring out where to go as I am a bit nervous about having a similar experience. I wish there was a magic cream that solved all our problems. I see so many on the internet but what works??...Whats a scam??? I am building up the guts to go after this again.
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I am going through the same problem. Very few spider veins and now I have a scar that matches the description above and a few purple spots. I am so disappointed. But I don't know how to get rid of this scar. Should I look for a dermatologist? Pls, Rachel, P.C. and lotus blossom what did you girl do? thanks.
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I am simply trying to get over it but it is so hard. I feel the same way that PC does ... there are worse legs out there & mine are better than others, but it still bothers me. As far as future treatments, I am very scared to try anything else. Update to my original post ... I ended up with multiple infections in one of the wounds, the last being a nice case of MRSA ,,, oh joy! Ended up on a 3 month round of antibiotics.

So ... I wear pants most of the time. If I wear a skirt or dress to work, I wear thick black tights. When I have had the opportunity to go to a pool, I either try to cover the scars with Dermablend or I put on bandages ... super attractive.

Bottom line .... should have never done it. I regret the decision every day. We need to accept who we are, flaws and all. The best thing all of us girls here on this post can do is tell others who are thinking of any kind of cosmetic procedure ... NO!!

I wish all of you luck. This is the first time I have looked at this since I first put the post out there. I am sorry you are going through this, but kind of nice to know I am not alone.

If anyone does come up with a good solution or has success with a treatment, would like to know.

Good luck girls
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I have the same issue. it is very frustrating. I am 30 year old former model. I wanted flawless legs. I had spider veins that were hardly noticeable, but once again wanted flawless legs. I had the sclerotherapy injection over 1 year ago. he used 2 different solutions on both legs. he said I had a cross between a spider vein and varicose vein on my right leg. so... he injected it with a stronger solution than the left which had barely visible spider veins from 2 pregnancies. well the left leg is fine. the right looks horrible. I can't even wear shorts. I am embarrassed to show my leg to anyone. is this malpractice?
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Good luck with that ... I tried and failed. First of all, you have to find a lawyer willing to go after a doctor who performed an elective procedure. I found one & things looked okay, but after the depositions I had to make a decision whether or not to go to jury trial. Wasn't willing to fork over $5,000 to pay attorney fees. My doctor even said, "I am so sorry ... I made a mistake". He also refunded the money I paid for the procedure. He admitted he made a mistake but apparently in the lovely world of our legal system, that didn't matter.

If you decide to go through it, be prepared for a very emotional journey.
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It should be but because we signed a waiver we cannot sue.
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Well, same here. I have had a few treatments with ok results. I figured the marginal results were due to the fact that I am lean and there is not much to hide the veins. So it wasn't till recently that 9last couple of treatments) that I have noticed the same as you. It actually makes my legs look worse than before. I have about 4 dark spots on my left leg and 3 on the right. This guy is supposed to be one of the best, Yale grad and pioneer of certain tecniques so I trusted him. I have tried maderma and Vitamin K to no avail. I am told that laser might be my best option. The more I know the more I know that I should have gone after the feeder. Damn it! Im trying to figure my next move. Its going to hard to trust. Whats your plan? PC.
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