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I am an apple shape. I work out 5x a week and...

I am an apple shape. I work out 5x a week and can't get rid of my tire around my ab. Went to sonobello to get a consultation, let me tell you, what a rip off. The sales girl was so pushy and I didn't even get to consult with the doctor who's suppose to do my smart lipo. She told me to lift off my shirt and pinched my belly fat. She said I'll be fine and wanted $7500. I walked out. Felt like I was in a chop shop.

Six month later, I still wanted the procedure and found my Dr. through this website. They were amazing. I had my consultation with his nurse not a sales person then the doctor. He suggested Body Jet and Smart Lipo to keep my skin firm.

I had both procedure done this morning 10/21/09. It was painful but I didn't have any bad reactions so far. But I am excreting a lot of fluids. Had to change my dressings every two hours because I'm soaked. Can't wait to reveal my new tummy after my undergarments are removed.

I'll keep you posted since this site was very useful to me.

Seattle Plastic Surgeon

They were a dream to work with. I've never had any surgery/stitches and they were so caring.

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Do you still recommend your dr. I am looking into smart lipo with him? Did he have you wear a garment? any tricks you can recommend or helpful suggestions?
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@maggie12233.  there's this new body jet posting by a person in Seattle.  You may be interested in seeing, offering the person helpful tips.  thanks

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I went to sonobello and was astonished at how outrageous the quote was! 7,400 for someone who weighs 110 lbs. I also went to your doctor and was quoted $5,200 for abs and the back of legs. Do you think this is reasonable? I thought they were nice but still a little expensive. Did you have just one area treated? Thanks so much for your help and hope you are recovering well. You should post pics;)
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Hi there... Did you end up making a decision on liposuction or doctor? 

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Yes. I am quite active as well. Workout 3-5x per week. I am 27, 5'3 and weigh 130. I am almost completey healed from 3 weeks. My abs look amazing. I still have lumps around my belly button but my dr. Says it will disappear with massaging soon. I was a size 6, 28 waist, now my skinny jeans are loose and I can wear my wrap dresses with confidence. I haven't weighed myself yet. I am guessing I did lose a few pounds but not too concern about my weight, just my waist size. Hope this helps. Good luck.
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Are you a fairly small person? I have no desire to lose weight but I would like to get rid of the tire around my abs aswell. Did you find that this was a good procedure for toning? thx
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Congratulations on your good results so far! Glad to hear RealSelf was helpful for you too. :) Good luck with the rest of your recovery.
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