Recent Breast Augmentation with Very Lopsided Implants

My experience thus far has not been great. I feel...

My experience thus far has not been great. I feel like I have gotten the run around on my situation and the doctor is avoiding correcting the issue.

I am at a loss. I am now 4 months post op and went to see my PS 3 weeks ago. He told me my implants have dropped into their pockets and they look pretty close/fine to him. I told him I don't understand why they look so different. The one on the right is totally fine to me but the one on the left is so high and tight. I massage it EVERY night, without fail, for at least 30 min. He told me I should leave it alone or I would end up with a ripple at the bottom of the left one because I do not have enough fat to cover the implant at the bottom. I don't care if there is a ripple at this point. I want them in the same general location. He said I should not have unrealistic expectations. If I really wanted to "move the implant down a little" he said I could squeeze the top fairly hard and push down at the same time and it would stretch the pocket. I've been doing this for 3 weeks and no change at all! As a matter of fact, the implant feels harder. At least before the implants I could go without a shirt and they'd be in the same place. The one on the left is hard and there is pain underneath the muscle on the left side of the left implant.

I am ok with rippling, I'm ok with the fact that I have stretch marks. I just want them to be together so I can go without a bra and not have it so very obvious that they are not together. I also do not have the funds available for a corrective surgery...


Hello YOU HAVE UNACCEPTABLE RESULTS. You have many problems 1: you have symmastia 2: right breast the implant is too large and the infra mammary line has been lowered. resulting in displaced implant inferiorly and will continue to drop down with time. 3:The left implant is dislpaced superiorly has a higher infra mammary line.There is a stepoff in the lower portiion of the breast due to overdissection of the inframammary line You need a very experienced surgeon to repair and may need more than one surgery. To correct the displaced inframamary line you will need alloderm for support and to prevent recurrence, alloderm is expensive. You need to correct the symmastia , very difficult in the best of hands, will also need alloderm, or change of the pocket. another optio you have is to remove the implants wait six months to a year then re do the augmentation
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Thank you for offering your opinion. It is very much appreciated. I will be going in for a revision on January 4. I am currently taking Accolate 2x a day and I wonder if that will make the right implant worse by releasing some of the scar tissue holding that implant up. My surgeon is board certified and has been practicing for 7 years but I'm not sure if that is enough experience. I don't know if he is avoiding correcting the entire range of issues or if he is not aware of what else may be wrong. He did say the left implant was encapsulated to a Baker's grade 3. He said he would take the implant out, clean out the scar tissue and put the implant back in. He did not specify if it would be a new implant. I will need to go back to his office one more time to pick up paperwork for the surgery. Maybe I should address some of the concerns you've mentioned... Would I need to ask him if he believes symmastia is occurring and should I tell him there is reason to believe the right implant is "bottoming out"? I'm not quite sure what I should be asking. I am afraid if I don't mention it then my problems will be overlooked with a temporary fix and I still won't be happy. Would he be liable for putting in implants (silicone) that were 350cc when I requested 300cc? It's not as if the size can be changed later without ordering a new set as you could do with saline. Thanks in advance for any information you may be able to help me with. I was very unprepared to experience any issues that may have gone wrong with the first surgery so I would definitely prefer to be a little more knowledgeable on the second surgery and what to expect. Thank you, again, for the answers you have already provided.
From my personal experience, your left breast looks to be encapsulated. That it feels harder is an indication of this too. Like you, I experienced this shortly into my procedure even though I did everything I was supposed to do and nothing I was not. After six months, I had corrective surgery, during which the implant was replaced to rule out re-encapsulation due to bacteria present. This was done with NO ADDITIONAL COST from my surgeon. Your surgeon should be ashamed of himself for denying the obvious and pointing the finger at you and your expectations, which are not unrealistic at all. He sounds unprofessional--you need to report him and post his name. Good luck.
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I just wanted another opinion before I go back to...

I just wanted another opinion before I go back to him complaining again that I'm really dissatisfied with the end result.


How did your surgery go?
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Good luck sweetie.
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I feel really bad for your awful results. Your story has me reconsidering have a BA done. My bust actually looks similar to yours Pre-op (34A)+ lots of stretch marks from having children. I want fuller breasts but am scared of under going surgery and bad results. I really wish you the best.
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My PS has been extremely cooperative with me in...

My PS has been extremely cooperative with me in efforts to correct my issues with the left implant. In reference to my original post, I feel I was frustrated with the situation at hand but he is a very good surgeon and I just had anatomical issues we had to work around. The first issue was capsular contracture and when he removed the scar tissue, there was nothing to stitch the implant cavity down so it drifted and a 3rd surgery was done after the scar tissue developed. The muscle tore beneath the stitches after that, probably due to me picking up my nephew and a 4th surgery was done. I have been very careful with weight and so far things look great, 5 weeks post op.


im not taking up for anyone here or downing anyone.. i have been to a few surgeons for consults and eveyone has told me there maybe a chance they may look a different and i have had breast implants before and i dont anymore not because they was wrong but cause of a car accident.... YES I AGREE 4 IS TOO MANY BUT IF YOUR NOT HAPPY WITH YOUR RESULTS THEN THEY HAVE TO KEEP DOING IT TILL YOUR HAPPY........
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Thanks for this info I'll never use this Dr. And I hope no one else will either this is a horrible story. 4 surgeries is too much!
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Wow that was an interesting read, I'm with Dr Richard H. Tholen on this one! Your last pic looks much better. Best Wishes :)
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5 years later...

I've had 3 corrections since my original surgery. I give up. I'm going to a reconstructive surgeon in Houston. I have symmastia and slight double bubble. I'm confident the Houston surgeon can correct what my Beaumont surgeon could not.

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