Bad Experience with Collagen Injection Under the Eyes

I am seeking a help in my problem that I am really...

I am seeking a help in my problem that I am really suffering from which happened to me after a collagen injection.. I am 27 female..My doctor told me that I will have a batter look if he inject under the eyes and then the desaster happend.. I have tow black swellings under my eyes which look like the eye bags.

I went back to the doctor and he said we will try to take the collagen out with a very thin neddle and he tried to do that but nothing got out and he said that the collagen is well spread in the erea.

Now more than one and a half mounth passed without any improvement.. They look really augly especially in the morning when I first wake up.. I was told to massage them and use whitining creams but with no mentioned results.. Please help me to solve this problem.. what can I do? are there any special creams which reduce the effect of the swelling and the blackness?

How to reduce the swelling and the blackness after the collagen injection?
i have been injected with collagen on the cheeks , but i had two swollen dark bags under my eyes and they look ugly specially in the morning. Please tell me what I can do.
there is an injection called burner,it is injected at the area and it will dilute the collagen that went awry
Were you ever able to get this fixed, I am in Saudi with aramco and I want injections by my mouth, did you find a good DR.
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I had a very bad result

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