Bad Cosmetic Surgery in Australia

S-Lift,Thread Lift, 2full facelifts,...

S-Lift,Thread Lift, 2full facelifts, blepharoplastic 5 years of time with a very poor results.... the procedures caused many visible scars, assimetric face,divided chin, a lot of pains, during the second facelift the provider cuted any arteria and was not be able to stoping the bleeding for about one hour of time.I would never recommend to any body to do any cosmetic surgerys in Australia, because the australian law release the doctors from any responsibility ...

Should I take the new risk???Who knows the best plastic surgeon for sub-SMAS Rhytidectomy???


At the age of 44 I had a 'light' facelift done in Brazil. Again one when I was 55, in Cape Town, South Africa.

Both surgeons were delivering EXCELLENT results.
The one in Brazil hands out lifestyle instructions which you will have to follow when you want him to operate.

Of course I do not smoke, stay out of the sun during the risky hours, walk and work out on a daily basis, and avoid sugar, salt, and junkfood.

Peter, Male, 63, and still looking 10 years younger (or so they say).
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oh dear ! Threadlifts from what i read are an absolute waste of time and money,and the same laws in Australia are the same as in Costa Rica,all doctors are exempt from any responsibility. I went to Rosenstock in CR and my results were dreadful.
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My advise CHOOSE the right doctor and specialty. Thread lift worthless, S lift or miniface lift indicated for specific areas of the face. full face and the Dr. cut an artery that could not stop for one hour? There are very few major arteries in the face that can bleed that much.and can not stop with in a minute hard to believe he/ sh is a surgeon Choose your board certified PS with experience
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Dr.William Pouw, Dr. M.Zacharia

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