Cosmetic Dental Bonding

Pros, dental bonding cheaper than veneers and...

Pros, dental bonding cheaper than veneers and fitted in one appointment.

Cons: My bonding looks un-natural and feels bulky, also the colour does not match

I recently had cosmetic dental bonding, however I am unsatisfied with results (wrong colour too bulky) Is this procedure reversible even if I have had the smallest amount of tooth reduction? Looking forward to your response.
It totally is! As long as initially there was slight polishing and all the bulk is the bonding material than your real tooth structure is below. Go to the best Cosmetic Dentist who is an Artist anove anything else. This is your teeth--research! Ask for gentle care hopefully you wont get crazelines. Good luck
I don't think it is. Bonding compromises the real tooth enamel to a certain degree but usually people who need bonding it is because it's the front teeth and you can't for ex: do a filling on a front tooth. A lot of dentist's will use composite bonding which is a cheap material and I guarantee that is where the bulkiness is coming from. Cheap material also tends to be bulky and not smooth in feel.
I read another posting that the person was not happy with the bonding and had it removed by another dentist. He said that his tooth is not as smooth now cause the bonding had to be taken off but he said it was possible.
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