Under Muscle Implants 3 1/2 Years Ago - Implant Rotated?

Implants have made me feel more self confident...

Implants have made me feel more self confident since I lost 37kgs after having my first child. There has been a few problems though.. the double bubble on the first set and on this set (high profile 465cc smooth silicone), my right implant rotating & feeling like there is a bubble moving around in it. Also on the left breast, there is a slightly tender area at about 1 o'clock which has sought of developed over the last few months, with a few small lumps there. I saw my GP and she thinks it is just where the implant ends and is scar tissue from where the pocket has been made and that the small bumps are limph nodes? Also I am starting to see ripples in the left breast.. I thought this shouldn't happen when you get smooth textured implants?

I had breast implants originally under the muscle approx 3 & 1/2 years ago which formed a double bubble so I had them redone a year ago. I woke up 2wks ago, put a bra on & noticed there was something wrong.. I could feel a big bubble in my right breast moving all over the place and a part of the implant forming a bulge out the right hand side of my breast. It has now settled down a bit, but I noticed when looking at the side profile, whilst the left is convex and spherical, the right one is flat on the top half & you can feel a bulge around the whole bottom of the breast under the nipple as though the implant has rotated half upside down. Where the base of the implant should be against my chest, it looks like the flat part is at the top half of my breast. I have already had these reconstructed & replaced once a year ago. I am going back to see the surgeon next week... Should the implant be able to move around/dislodge like this? Is it common? I haven't done anything out of the usual and there definately is something seriously wrong, I can feel & see it. If this is another fault, should I have to be the one to fork out the fee's for the hospital & anethaestist (approx. $2,000) once again? Your opinions would be appreciated. Thanks, Larissa.
Dr Mark Doyle

Too many faults.

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I''ve had three surgeries.The first in 93 was botched(dropped, 8 inch scar!),repaired in 98(Dr Core),amazing, salines again.Left deflated Dec2001,replaced by Dr Core Feb 2002.Dec 2009,rt deflated, this time I had them replaced with anatomical gummy bears(no more ruptures).Three weeks after surgery, I woke up and left one had flipped(round side up).No idea why it flipped.I had my support bra on,I sleep mostly on my right side .I've followed my surgeon's advice of trying to massage it back into place, but it doesn't work(placed inside a pocket under muscle).I need to return to Dominican Republic(Dr K.Camilo, excellent job,5500$ with 7 night stay all inclusive plus flight) for repositioning.It doesn't look too different but I'm very self concious.You can't tell the difference with right side when I'm wearing a bra.Gummy bears feel completely natural, I don't feel water sloshing around.
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i am really glad i read this because that is who i was going to get mine done by. thanks and i hope everything works out for you.
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I believe I have a problem that is somewhat like this. I can feel the "edge" of an implant bubbling out of the right, lower side (had an under-muscle implant). I am interested to hear what your doctor says. Best of luck to you.
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