Asymmetrical Breast Implants

The main reason I got implants was to correct the...

The main reason I got implants was to correct the asymmetry of my breasts. I felt like they were very uneven and it made me self conscious.

I am now 3 weeks post-op and my breasts still do not look even to me, just bigger. During my 1 week post-op appt, my doctor was surprised that I wasn't pleased and said they look pretty even. I would like someone else's opinion.


Mine are very simular to yours. My left breast was smaller and still is. I had my precedure on the 29th of sept. and it's now nov. 11th. Take a look at mine and ours look almost identical to how they turned out. My dr. did not discuss the amssemetry to me prier to surgery and that pisses me off. I didn't even meet her until the day of. To me that wasn't done right. Other than the one being smaller than the other. They are even as far as side by side. I have noticed on yours and mine. The one larger is the heavier one so it's going to droop a little more. IF I new how to have mine fixed without coming out of money I would. I paid 5600 and I have gel implants and their above the muscle. I can feel my implant in the larger boob and can see the outline of it in the center of my breasts. I am not done with the dr. yet?
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ur breast looking lovely... can u tell me howmuch pain u feel after surgery.. nd plz tell howmuch u feel better now? u looking really sexy
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Yes I would agree with the other comments your left breast is considerably larger and your surgeon should have used different size implants in each breast I would not be happy with that result ans I think your surgeon should correct this.
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Do my breasts look even or do I need to get my...

Do my breasts look even or do I need to get my breast augmentation corrected?


now that it has been little over a year, are your breasts still uneven? I went to the same surgeon as you did. are you happy with your results now or did you go to a different surgeon or did he fix the problem?
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My breasts are also uneven. Still have not found a surgeon I can trust to go to. But 2 out of the 3 consultations they have told me i need a mini lift on the larger breast to even them out and all PS said i need more CC's in the smaller breast. Maybe you can just go and get mini lift on the saggier one? I know one surgeon didnt want to do the mini lift until a year later to see my end results.
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I have the same problem you do. I been to 3 consultations. Each surgeon has told me the larger breast would need a mini lift to make them even. Maybe your surgeon didnt want extra scarring since your breasts dont look bad at all. My case is worse. You can still get the mini lift they are not that expensive (compared to implants) I think you like fine though.
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I haven't been on my page in forever so I just...

I haven't been on my page in forever so I just wanted to give a quick update/re-cap. In Aug. 2009, I had my initial breast augmentation with 300 cc in the right breast and 225 in the left breast. When I woke up from surgery, I could immediately tell that my breasts were still uneven and I told this to the nurse. Everyone brushed off my comment because I was just waking up. When I returned for my post-op appts, Dr. Taki seemed completely surprised that I thought my breasts were still uneven. I wish I had videotaped the surgery because I truly think he put the same cc's in both implants. My breasts looked just as uneven as before, only larger. In Dec. 2009, I returned to Dr. Taki to correct my right breast implant, which now has 380 cc's. It's now Aug. 2011 and I feel like my breasts are the same size but they aren't even. My right breast is slightly higher and more firm on top. With a push-up bra (34D), my breasts look nice. Without a bra, they look uneven because of the higher implant. Dr. Taki NEVER discussed the possibility of multiple surgeries and charged me for the 2nd surgery to correct his 80 cc mistake. I do not trust him and would not recommend him to anyone.


After my 3rd surgery, my breasts are still uneven. My left breast sticks out farther than my right. I even had him put in new implants with my third surgery hoping it would make it less noticeable. I am still having issues finding a bra, as all bra's I have tried make the asymmetry more noticeable. I hear from 80% of females they have an asymmetry issue as well. You don't go in with perfect breasts, you can't expect to come out with perfect breasts. These doctors can only do so much. I am very appreciate and thankful for everything he has done to help me. Dr Leber is a great doctor and I HIGHLY recommend him for breast augmentation.
However, If I could go back, I would have not had augmentation done, but, again... Dr Leber was supportive and great through the process.
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Were you happy with Dr. Taki? Please see my update at the very top of the page.
I am so sorry you had to go throw all of this, it should have been done right the first time, and I don't think you should have been charged for the second time, to fix his mistake. I am happy with my results, but with the first couple of appointments he was very good, after that he would rush in my appoinments, I didn't feel like I was able to discuss my concerns to him. that is one part I do not like. I have one last appoinment in November for my final one for pictures, did you go the second time for pictures? did he finally listen to your concerns for the second time you went in?

I forgot to mention that Dr. Taki took BEFORE...

I forgot to mention that Dr. Taki took BEFORE photos of my breasts but never bothered taking AFTER photos....I wonder why.... I guess patients with poor results don't make it in the photo album he shows prospective patients.


Speaking honestly, I showed my friend your before and after and said that I hope my boobs come out looking as great as yours when I have them fixed (small and asymmetrical). Asymmetry is VERY hard to correct. In my opinion you look absolutely fantastic. You look the absolute best we lopsided ladies could ever hope for. No woman is perfectly symmetrical, and in my opinion your new level of asymmetry is well within the hardly noticeable/ normal range. You look great and I hope you've come to love them! I just hope I can look as good as you :)
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Thank you so much for the compliment. It's been 3-1/2 years now since my surgery and I am stil so happy I had the surgery. I would do it all over again if I had to. I feel so much better about myself. I wish you best of luck and let me know if you have any questions.
i had my ba and lift already. my dr did tell me it is difficult to get perfectly symmetric breast. he said we had to forgive the doctors for a 10 to 20 cc difference. maybe i was being too critical on your pictures before...i think if i didn't know i wouldn't have seen it. my doctor told me he had to remove 100 grams of breast tissue. to start on the same size for both and increase both with the implants once they were even. i do wonder if all plastic surgeons consider that or just try to fit different size implants with they hopes of symmetry.
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