Breast Reduction - Removed 250cc but Results Are Asymmetrical

I had a breast reduction. I am grateful that it...

I had a breast reduction. I am grateful that it reduced my breasts by about 250cc each. I was very heavy on top for my size and was uneven. I had more challenges when it came to running/certain exercises and was starting to have mild neck and back pain.

I have a question about asymmetry after a breast reduction surgery. I had my surgery about 5 weeks ago. The ps did an excellent job and I am healing beautifully. I do wonder about the fact that one breast seems to be fuller on the bottom. The nipples are even and the top to middle portions of the breast are even, but the very bottom of my left breast is still fuller underneath. My ps said we have to wait to let it heal and settle and that he rarely has to do a touch up or revision. What would a touch up (tweaking is what he called it) mean? Is it just as invasive? Could he just go in at the bottom or does the entire breast need to be re-cut? Please tell me it's a more simple fix??
The need for minor revisions to breast reductions is fairly common and can be performed without opening all of your incisions, particularly if it is toward the bottom of the breast. If a nipple-areola complex needs to be elevated, then it tends to be a bit more involved.
After a breast reduction I tell my patients that we need to wait at least 6 months before we have an idea of what the final result will be. During the first few weeks after a breast reduction differences may be attributed to swelling and or fluid in the breast. Massaging the wounds as well as the breast will allow fluid resorption. if there are differences in sizes usually a liposuction will help symmetrize the breasts. Be patient time is usually all that is needed.
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