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Asian double eyelid surgery. My daughter underwent...

Asian double eyelid surgery. My daughter underwent 3 months ago and still has persistent reddish-purple bruises on her eyelids. Bruises started out typically bluish. She followed instructions not to touch her eyelids for 7 days, after which she was allowed to put on some moisturiser. She would gently tap on the bruises every time she put on her moisturiser to aid blood circulation. The bruises then became reddish-purple 10 days post-op.

We thought like any bruise, they were gonna continue to change colors until they fade away. But they have stayed this way since and do not seem to be fading much at all. Is this some kind of permanent discoloration, staining or hematoma?

I am willing to pay anything for a treatment / cure for her to look normal again. Please help with any advice or past experiences.

Is it possible for blepharoplasty bruises to be permanent? My daughter underwent the non-stitching suture Asian blepharoplasty (double eyelid surgery) 3 months ago and she still has prominent reddish-purple bruises on her eyelids (resembles rust). They started out bluish and became reddish-purple 10 days post-surgery and have stayed this way since. They don't seem to be fading much at all. Is this normal? Are these still bruises or have they developed into some kind of permanent discoloration? I am extremely distressed that they are permanent and she'll be disfigured. Is there a way to treat this? We are all really desperate and just want her to look normal again.
Hi, it has been 2.5 years since u posted the pictures and I hope your daughter's bruise has disappeared by now? I just had my non incisional sulture done 3 days ago and I have the exact type of reddish-purple bruise on my upper eyelid (above and below the crease). I can wait out to see but more worried that it might be permanent
i haven't read the bruising as a complication of double eyelid surgery or any type of eyelid surgery for that matter....ask the surgeon? it might be unrelated to the surgery.
oh you said the non-stitching suture (DST) method. sometimes the sutures get stuck or infects i think, i've read about it before.
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