Double Eyelid Surgery Scarring

I am only seven teen years old and got my second...

I am only seven teen years old and got my second double eyelid surgery two and a half months ago because I thought my eyes were still too small. This time I got my double eyelids starting from the outside of the eyes not the inner corner. Also, during the same time as this operation I got the inner corners of my eyes cut in order to make my eyes appear larger.

The doctor TWO DAYS before I was supposed to get my stitches out said I must go in to fix my left double eyelid. They ended up re-doing it. When the stitches were taken out 4 days later, the place where they had cut was very wide and looked much like a large open gash. Since then the scar healed very thick thick, dark, red, and bumpy. It feels slightly like cartilage but not as hard. My right eye is the same but not as severe. And also because of the hard bump on the left eye, a second fold has appeared above my first one and my eyes look very lopsided.This did NOT happen the first time i got my eyes done.

Will my eyes heal over time? or is a third procedure necessary? I wish I had a more clear picture of the scar.

Will my eyes heal by themselves with time or will I have to go in for a THIRD procedure to fix it?


What was the measurement of your eyes?
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Don't worry, the scars will fade after a few months. I would be more concerned with how shallow your crease is. I think your surgeon has removed too much fat from your left eye that's why there are two folds. If you go for another revision surgery, make sure you specify to the surgeon that you don't want any more fat removed because your crease won't be deep-set.
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You're only 17 years old and you've already had 2 eyelid procedures done and your parents allowed this? Unbelievable!!!!
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