Asian Post-Rhinoplasty

Pros: It gives you nose bridge in between your...

Pros: It gives you nose bridge in between your eyes

Cons: Most surgeons doesnt know how to enhance asian nose, mostly the implant is like cookie cutter,one asian rhinoplasty is the same as the other one. Its like putting Pinnochio's nose on asian patients.

Dr. Manny Calayan

Mostly asians does not have bridges on their nose, thats why doctors put exaggerated size of implant.

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Both Calayan and Belo are rubbish. Very commercialised, can't believe how many locals are convinced to get nose job with them.
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You have to do your research on who is the right doctor for you. Be sure to see the actual patient's nose job result of the particular surgeon. Not all surgeon skills are created equal,some are very good on facial area and some are good in body contouring. For Rhinoplasty, I would consider doctor's qualification who has vast training in Cranio facial surgery, he should be NOT freshly graduated from residency nor too old for the practice. At least when things go wrong you can still go after them and ask them to fix it. I would consider a criteria of choosing that surgeon who has at least 15 years of experience. Good luck to your quest.-Cody
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I'm seriously considering rhinoplasty in the near future.
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