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Weight Distribution After Tummy Tuck

I had both surgeries due to excessive weight loss...

I had both surgeries due to excessive weight loss after gastric bypass surgery. I am pleasantly pleased with both and would recommend to others.

I had a tummy tuck and breast lift about 3 years ago. I am very pleased with the results of the surgery. In the past year, I have noticed an enourmous amount of fat accumulating on my inner thighs and have been told this is due to weight distribution since the fat cells in the abdomen have been cut away. Has anyone else noticed this?
Yes, this has happened to me also. It was so exciting to have a beautiful flat tummy but my thighs and legs and even my arms and sides have cellulite that I never had before less than one year post op!!!
Wow I am so late getting into this conversation. I had my TT at the beginning of this year in combination with a hysterectomy. This was due to enormous uterine fibroids. While I had the Gastric Bypass back in 2000, my weight was not in control. I originally lost 100 lbs. and managed to keep it off for some years. But over time I was so depressed cause no matter what my stomach was huge. My arms and legs looked good, but due to the fibroids no stomach exercise would make it go away. By the time I had the hysterectomy and TT combo I had lost 100 and gained back 50. I complained immediately to my PS about my thighs and he passed it off as they were already large. I had the drainage bags on after the surgery for almost 2 weeks and they were still filling when they came off. I knew that fluid was going somewhere. As I watched my thighs warp into a whole new shape I knew that is where the fluid was going. As months have passed and I have returned to a regular workout schedule, I have lost some weight but my thighs remain horrible. They have reduced a little, but they remain wobbly and filled with fluid. There is a 3 size difference between my upper and lower body. I've tried wearing plastic pants to sweat extra, biking, swimming, yoga and every thigh exercise I could think of. Everything I have read in this thread has shed so much light on my issue. I thank all of you for being so candid. I am considering a new procedure called the Zerona Laser. Has any one heard about using that on the thigh problem? The lymphatic issue may explain why I burp excessively when I massage my legs. I agree about being nervous about any more surgery, much less the cost.
Overall, I am happy with my tuck, but I am so depressed by the look of my inner thighs/legs. Especially in dress pants or any thin fabric clothes. I can hide it in denim or jean fabric, but I can't possibly wear jeans to work everyday. I have tried Spanx and they tend to hold the flab in place, but I can't stand seeing myself in the nude. I had the TT to feel better about myself, but now i think I would have rather just kept the tummy vs inner thighs that have to be rearranged all the time. Literally! It is the most embarrasing during intimate situations. My legs used to be my greatest asset when I was 300+lbs. I cannot say that anymore.
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