Lifestyle Lift for Turkey Neck - Waiting for Results, Unsure About Recovery Instructions - Albuquerque, NM

I hated my "wattle" for years,(turkey...

I hated my "wattle" for years,(turkey neck,) & finally decided to have it removed. I could never afford an "official" facelift, done by a regular plastic surgeon, but when I saw the LifeStyle Lift reasonably priced ad, I immediately investigated, both the company & the surgeon who would do the job. The official LifeStyle Lift procedure would take care of my jowls also, & the platysmaplasty, (turkey-neck removal) would be extra.

All of my free consultation questions were answered truthfully, & I asked to see the surgeon, & I felt that he, too, was truthful, & very qualified, as he had just been named a "Top Doc" in the Albuquerque magazine, the town in which I live.

My pre-op orders were to avoid all nsaids, (that is, ibuprofen, aspirin, etc.)for 2 weeks before surgery, and also alcohol for 1 week pre-op. I was medicated the day of surgery with cephalexen, (an antibiotic,) an anti-nausea pill, & 15 mg diazepam, (Valium.) The surgery went well, & the main pain was from the pricking of the lidocaine local anesthetic injections on the second side of the face, as chilling with ice cubes could not be done on that side because ice cannot be made sterile.

In general, the company delivered what it promised. However, my complaints are these:

1) no one told me that my face would swell to basketball size post-op (although they did say to use ice bags for 20 minutes/hour, this did not help,

2) no one told me that I would have one black eye, plus large dark purple/bluish bruises on either side of my mouth,

3) that I might be allergic to the material in the bandage/chin sling which I had to wear to support the wattle-lift for 24 hrs the 1st week, then at bedtime only for the next 30 days, and

4) no one told me that I could order an "easier to apply" chin support wrap. The one they gave me to use is difficult to apply & a pain in the neck--no pun intended. I ordered one, but not until post-op. I would have liked to have it for right after the surgery, & I think that the company is "a cheap skate" for not just giving their wattle patients one included in the total package.

My experience was ruined by my laser treatment,...

My experience was ruined by my laser treatment, which failed, because the doctor did not go deep enough. I had severe pain while he did the job, but he didn't stop. Then I had NO results--no redness, no scabbing, no tiny dots--but my $1000 was gone.Then they would not answer my calls about getting my money back. The doctor & the head service director, (a man,) are jerks for the way they treated the laser experience.

(I cannot send a photo, as I don't know how to scan & send.)

Albuquerque Facial Plastic Surgeon

I cannot make a blanket approval because it is only 3 days from my surgery, & I need to see how I look after my black eye & bruises go away, & my stitches are removed.

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
2 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
2 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
2 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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The doctor didn't get all of the "turkey neck," as I still have a thin (1/2 inch wide) strip of it. When I push it in to make my neck an "L" instead of a slide, I look so much younger. So--I am only 75% satisfied with the LL.
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Hi Marilyn,

Just curious how you're doing now. Have you decided if the Lifestyle Lift was worth it?

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I am considering this procedure but after seeing the photos of the gal, I am nervous. I am 46yrs old and have a terrible sagging under chin and I cannot even look in the mirror......anyone had the procedure done in Seattle? Kathleen
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I am still considering it, but need to get back to work within 2 weeks after the procedure. Anyone else in Albq.I know there have to be more people that have had this done.
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Hi, Marilyn! I went to meet Dr. Davies last week, and he is wonderful. He is an older man, has been doing faces for DECADES--and has done hundreds of facelifts and other plastic surgery. I am very certain I will be happy with the results. They told me a lot of the negative posts on the realself website are bogus from doctors' offices who want to defame the Lifestyle Lift, since it is affecting their business! Thanks again, Rose
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I didn't write on this to be negative. I wanted people out there to know what happen to me. I looked like I had been beat up. Why do they not have a sign on their building?? My surgery was done at night and I was treated very well. My scars are very white and still show. My neck does look great. I think you have to do what you think is best for you.
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Hi, Marilyn: I received a response from you stating you would have to know more about me and that you do not remember signing up for Well, your post is here: And I will be having a consultation with Dr. Davies tomorrow, Monday December 7th. If he was your doctor, please let me know how it all went. Rose

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Hi, Rose. I probably saw your reply too late for your appointment today, but I thought I'd fill you in on what my surgery & post-op was like. I was suspicious of your e-mail because LifeStyle Lift has been fined by the Attorney General of New York for "set-up" positive e-mails. I had Dr. "Teasaday," phonetic spelling, as he is Persian, & they use a different sound for some syllables. Dr. T. was OK, answered my questions, but some of his recommendations for post-op care did not match with the printed hand-outs which the company puts out. Also, he did one side really well, (the right,) & hacked up the left side. I think he reaches over to do the far side, as he left lazer blotches on my left cheek, & a 2-layer burn behind my left ear. My daughter-in-law is a nurse, & she said that the burn took off 2 layers of skin. I have to ask him about this. IF you wish to speak to your doctor again about anything, you have to REQUEST IT, as LifeStyle Lift doesn't want to give you any more than they feel you are entitled to for your money. --I had 3 procedures. I don't see that much difference from the LifeStyle Lift itself, but I also had jaw-line liposuction & plastysmaplasty, (relief of turkey wattle,) & those 2 things turned out quite well. My cheeks are still numb & swollen, but the right one, (the better one,) is returning some feeling. Post-op symptoms: --a really good shiner under my left eye--the bad side--purple & black up to the under lid of the eye. --bruises all around my mouth --cuts almost all around my ears --a strange feeling like someone had hit me in the ears--still a little bit of this left --not very much pain at all --numb & swollen cheecks & outer ears. (I had no hearing loss, however.) --post-op tiredness. Needed a nap each afternoon for several weeks. (My surgery was on Nov. 10th. Write to me again if you want to know anything else.
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