Had Damage from Erbium Laser, Affirm Helped

At 53 in 07 I decided to have laser resurfacing...

At 53 in 07 I decided to have laser resurfacing for scars from acne. The doctor in Tampa suggested Erbium Level 6. I thought he knew what he was doing so I agreed. I was left with rolling scars, a huge dent & pigmentation change all over, red for months. He dissed me when he saw the results. I was devistated. Couldn't go out.

I came back to Phila. to look for a plastic surgeon. No one wanted to take me on. Some just did IPl for the redness but as for the scars I now had & how my skin texture changed they were afraid to touch me.

I was recomended to one in Ardmore who said he'd help. He tried Fraxel but got little results, then Perfecta which helped a little so then he tried Affirm. I've had a few treatments but it seems to help the best for me. My skin now feels a little thicker, the Erbium made it very thin from taking off a layer. I feel a firmness now & am able to touch my face without it hurting.

I would recomend Affirm but you really need to find someone who only works with lasers. Not fillers, not botox, not someone who does everything. Just someone who works & knows lasers & have been for a long time. I know you have to go for more than three treatments to really see any results since it takes time for you collegen to grow. But at least I'm seeing results.

Again, check out your doctor!!! The one in Tampa was board certified but it seems he didn't know a thing about working with lasers.


Well that doesn't help if a person is in Florida. Too many plastic surgeons here using too many lasers and of course, no matter what it is you are trying to do, it is always THEIR laser that is the one that will achieve it. I did my due diligence on "scar revision" in three consultations asking right out are you sure you can improve it. The only thing he could improve was his pocketbook. Sadly I think with the economy being like it is there is dishonestly and people need to be wary of that, otherwise the consequences can be very life-altering.
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Sats you are absolutely right. I hate when people have a bad experience and tell people dont do it. Just because they went to the wrong person who did not treat them properly. I have restored and maintained thousands of peoples skin. Including my own. I have 9 lasers and the Affirm is one of them. It is fantastic!! It has 2 different wavelengths. One called the Multiplex which restores laxity and the other which remodels collagen to even skin texture from scarring, acne or wrinkles. It is actually very simple to operate. I use this machine quite often and have not once had any complaints, only happiness. It is a true Anti Aging station!
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Thank you also and I hope you are able to find a ps who can help. It sounds like what he did was put it on the next to highest level, and then did the worst thing ever to a person -- abandon them.
Please if you are able, file a complaint with the state board.
And find a good atty.
Easy to say, but the fact is, if they don't know how to use it or use it responsibly, people suffer as you are.
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Philadelphia Dermatologist

My doctor is a specialist in his field. Works only with lasers.

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