Had Done Yesterday

Had active fx done yesterday not painful just felt...

Had active fx done yesterday not painful just felt like warm sand brushing on face.Had entire face eyes neck done.Dr. put numbing cream on face waited half hour then he begain.The only thing is smell of burning skin.

Gave meaquaphor ointment to keep putting on face.Must do constant icing to face.

Blown up like balloon today but to be expected.Not painful.Too soon to see out come.will post more pics day 5


Updated June 5, 2009

This is now 4 days later still shedding old skin and puffy under eyes.will post picture with final results in few days.I have had no pain or discomfort at any time.


I had active fx done on face and neck November 18, today is the 24th. I also had some lipo done, so the fx was done while I was out. The doctor was very aggressive, and the results so far look great! Although today was the first day I felt I could have gone out. I've been hiding for the last 6 days, but was prepared for the healing process..swelling, oozing, a little depressed, and then, "wow", i live it!
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still peeling eye bags almost gone all new baby skin sprouting up!!!!!!!!!!!!! I added new picture
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How is it now??
Dr Glenn Debias

Because it was pain free and have seen women he did procedure to

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