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I orginally went to dr. for acne, but while there...

I orginally went to dr. for acne, but while there i explained to dr. that in june i was going on vacation and that i would like to go with a clear face, and she suggested that i do the chemical peel.

She gave me and antbiotic to take for a month and retina and cephil to use on my face,then i went back to her in about 2 weeks for a chemical peel, while the ma was cleaning my face, for the peel and it was burning, i told her and the dermotologist, who then said we will do the b-lift 20% instead of the chemical peel, it burned like she sid when she applied it and then it cooled down, i washed my face, it was frost white, and then the ma applied moistureizer and sunscreen, the spots then turned dark, the dr. sid it was died skin and that it will fall off in 24 hours.

Its still here and it looks horrible it looks like burns is this normal and will it heal i leave for miami on the 24th of june

What happened after dat?, Plzz plZ tell me on
Remember Hun, patience is a virtue for skin peels and this goes for all skin types and complexions! The dead skin will fall off on its on so never pick at it. If you do, it can possibly leave a scare. It needs to heel on its own and at its own pace. Yes, you will be walking around looking like a burn victim for a few days, but it will honestly heel and eventually look great! Now, if you accidentally burned your skin it'll take some time, but still heel nicely. I did it once in a small area that was more sensitive when doing my 1st layered 15% TCA. But, you must be very, very patient. Just keep it hydrated throughout the day and continue to protect your skin post peel w/ a really good sunscreen or sunblock product. I also know of another great product that you can use to aid w/ the moisturizing, but it's somewhat pricey. I used it during my peel for the first seven days along w/ my other traditional post-peels products and my skin heeled just fine. I was looking fabulous by day 10 w/ no brown spots of any sort in sight!
Hey! I m going through the same problem..... can anyone tell me how long these brown spots after peeling?
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