How Long Does It Take to Get Rid of the Redness After Being Treated with CO2 Fractional Laser

I was treated with CO2 fractional laser for acne...

I was treated with CO2 fractional laser for acne scar on my whole face four weeks ago, now it is still pretty red and I feel hopeless because it seems like my skin is getting worse.

Is there any possibility that my skin can turn back to normal color........

New York Dermatologic Surgeon

it feels like my skin is even worse after the procedure.

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Have your face turned back to normal now? Did you soak your face after the treatment?
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I had redness for 4 weeks for the first treatment and it went away. Second treatment, redness went away after one week. I used a stronger steroid and lots of mederma. I used sunscreen and hat anytime and avoided the sun like the plague. Drinking, smoking, dryness, makes it worse. Keep skin moist, out of the sun, maybe get prednisone. It gets better.
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This happens often with this laser.. Ask for your money back your going to need it if your still not seeing some sort of improvement
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