Are my Acne/chickenpox Hopeless? Many Procedures...what Next?

A few years ago i had dermabrasion performed for...

A few years ago i had dermabrasion performed for facial (acne/chickenpox) scarring. That seemed to not help very much and the aftercare was much to handle. Still deteremined to reduce my scars I had a series of four Fractional CO2 Laser Resurfacing procedures performed this past year. There was little discomfort and recovery was much shorter. I have noticed my skin is smoother but not yet the results I was hoping for. My forehead seemed to result better from the laser.

I have had dermabrasion and several Fractional CO2 Laser Resurfacing treatments but the results are not as good as I had hoped. I am considering more Fractional CO2 Laser Resurfacing procedures or considering using another laser such as the Active FX. I know my skin will never be perfect however I have a goal which is to not have these ugly indents on my face! My skin always looks awesome after the fractional CO2 due to the swelling. Can anyone advise as to what my next step should be. THANKS

thank you for the tip. I actually ordered a dermaroller 1,5mm to use at home. i will keep you posted of the progress!
I have been through the exact same experience. First tried microdermabrasion, which did not do anything but help temporarily. I've now had 4 fractional CO2 laser treatments, and have had good results (for my scarring anyway). I certainly wouldn't say there was little discomfort though - my recovery was not comfortable. I've heard that certain injectables can help, but have not ever discussed it with a doctor, since I know my scars require more than this. Yours look great though, so maybe something to at least check into. If my scars get to where yours are, I'll be happy!!!!
My mother used Accutane and regrets it. Now that she is older she is lathering her skin with creams. He face doesn't produce oils as it should and now she is battling wrinkles. Just stating why she regrets it.
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