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A Tummy Tuck Disaster! Was Supposed to Get a Mini Tummy Tuck

After having a child my body went back to my...

After having a child my body went back to my normal weight 150 but my stomach had stretchmarks all under my belly button. So i decided to go for consultations where i was told all i needed was a mini tummy tuck.

It was done in 2 phases..First 1 was lipo. with fat transfer to my buttocks which was done in March, the 2nd would be the mini tummy tuck with a touch up of lipo. which was done Aug. 5th. But when i finally got off the pain killer i realized i had a full tummy tuck with no drains with my original belly button.

Its been 2 weeks since my full tummy tuck which originally I was told would be a mini tummy tuck. I had a full tummy tuck with lipo and they kept my belly button.

My body contour is amazing but my scar is scary! In the middle of my scar, right under my belly button,was an eggplant color as well as a water bubble. I asked my doctor if it was normal and he said yes.

At my visit they cleaned my scar and removed the popped blister which left my skin raw. It has been oozing from the eggplant spot blood like liquid that stinks for about a week now. And today I just realized i have about a 1" opening in that same spot that was eggplant color that oozes where a blister form right on top. Is this normal? How do I go about having that opening closed? Should I go back to my doc or should i seek help from another doc?

Is this normal? How do I go about having that...

Is this normal? How do I go about having that opening closed? Should I go back to my doc or should i seek help from another doc?
Dr. Pelosi

He says one thing and does another and also states he will give you a large discount if you allow other doctors to stand in your procedure to watch but he has them to work on you as if your an experiment!

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I had a tummy tuck and the Dr. was great, butt his assistant was a mess. She ripped my skin while she removed butterfly stiches. Then she told me that my skin would fall off. And it did. Now the Dr. is angry at me ! I will sue them both.
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I had a tummy tuck and my results were incredible and im thrilled. Im inclined to say there are alot of crappy doctors who dont know what they are doing. Im ecstatic about myresults!
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I had a tummy tuck in Clearwater florida 2 1/2 years ago and I have been having stomach aches shortly after I have had every test done and nothing comes up with why I have stomach aches my husband and I both beleive something wasnt done just right and know I suffer with stomach aches if I had to do it over know way would I do it if I can save one person from the pain and suffering it would make me happy it was not worth it all youre stomach muscles are cut and all youre nerves with anew too high smelly belly button where as know it is an inny belly button and hurts as it pulls on my stomach when I eat and I am not over weight please know what you ladies are entering into when you have surgery as I was not that informed sandy
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Who was your doctor?
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I hate to tell you this but they do warn you that in a low percentage things like this could happen. Your surgeon should definitely fix it though! Also, if they left your belly button untouched, you did have a mini-tuck. With a full tuck they move the belly button. I'm sorry it happened to you and i hope you can get it fixed soon!
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My sister had this happen to her with her Tummy Tuck. The Doctor informed her about 15% have this problem, but it was where the drain was, and the hole just kept getting bigger. Her's was the size of an egg and you could see into her stomach, she had to clean it out daily (2 times daily) and keep it packed. It took months to heal...I also need a tummy tuck but after what she went through, NO WAY! Yes, go back to your DOCTOR that needs to be looked at
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thank you soooo much!! yes i have been back to him and they are cleaning it out 3xs a week for me and i do it the other 4 days. but i didnt have drains..thats the scariest part..my cousin had drains and she too had issues with her holes closings but 2 totally different docs...my hole is about half an egg now and its soo ugly!! but thanks soo much!!
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Can you post pictures so physicians and future Tummy Tuck patiens can see your concerns? I think this well help in getting your questions answered.
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