A Year After Smart Lipo; Not Worth It, Save Your Money

I had smartlipo a year ago. I look worse than I...

I had smartlipo a year ago. I look worse than I did with lumps, sagging, uneven skin tone, uneven legs, stomach and arms.

I was told when I went in for the last appointment by one of the nurses that no one is usually happy with this procedure. I wonder why doctors are getting away performing this? my guess is because we all look at the before and after photos and believe them and they are all doing it for the money (don't be fooled); please don't do this to yourself, all the pain and now not able to wear shorts (forget about wearing a bathing suit) or shirts that show any of the upper arm areas (yes I look that bad).

After the procedure my doctor gave me some other treatments to firm the areas and then did painful unsatisfactory mesotherapy. After all that I've come to the realization that I made a huge mistake and there is nothing now that I can do but warn others please do not do this to yourself. Seeing the look in my partner's eyes now says it all.

I had SmartLipo the last week of August 2013. Since then, I have not been good with my diet and exercise and have gained weight. Since fat was removed from my abdomen (top and bottom) and flanks, it made me more curvy. I've gained all over but my whole shape has changed. I am now super curvy and my husband actually loves my "big butt" now. Go figure. Anyway, I'm pretty happy with the results of the procedure. I was pleasantly surprised by the shape change. I am now back on the wagon to a good lifestyle so in about 8 weeks I should be exactly where I want to be and I'm extremely interested to see if I have any of the "lumps" mentioned in other posts.
I feel the same way, had lipo on my thighs, inner and outer and although I am smaller. My thigh's look worse then before the lipo. At least before lipo, I had smooth skin, now they are dented and I have horrible cellulite. I will not wear shorts or a bikini, 8,000 down the drain. I live in Houston. Need a revision and do not know what to do or who to go to.
Hello! first of all i want to say sorry for your bad experience and i hope everything gets better. I live in houston too and i was thinking about doing the smartlipo. Hearing your results im worried now, but i would like to know what doctor you went with so i know NOT to go with him!!
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I do not recommend any doctor, read what others are saying and judge for yourself.

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