Ok, Finally my time has come. Ive been seriously...

Ok, Finally my time has come. Ive been seriously considering a BBL for six months now. Dr. Gabay is one of Philadelphia’s leading Cosmetic Surgeons. He is triple board certified & has over seventeen years experience. It was easy to get someone on the phone & I was scheduled for my consultation within a week. I had my consult the staff was friendly. I filled out my paper work & waited 15 minutes in the waiting area then I went back to see Dr Gabay. He answered all my questions I viewed his work & it was game over! I knew I wanted it... I desire to have a coke bottle figure. My behind is square and I have no hips at all.???? Im feeling sooo excited but nervous at the same time....????????????????????
Good Luck to you! I am 12 days post op from a TT with Dr. Gabay! I love my results and I think he is an awesome guy. You will be happy :)
Wow u look really good!!


Approximately 2 weeks to go.. I need to purchase a few more things..

A few things

Oh yea I have my boopy pillow & yoga mat..

Wish Pics

More hippps & buttt

More Wis pics

I got my heating blanket..



So Meaty.. Ewweee

was it a free consultation?
Yes the consultation was free & $400 to secure & schedule the date..
How are u feeling overall? I read mixed reviews which makes me hesitant. What about dr gottlieb who shares an office with him? Did u think about him?


Well my pre~op went well Im getting my arms, inner thighs, flanks, top abdomen, lower abdomen, top back, lower back & fAt under arm around my breast.. It will be harvested into my but & hips!! Just a few days left & of course I got my blood drawn & my script for my meds.. The doc took pics & answered all my questions.. Then the nurse followed up w/ a phone call about what to expect..
I'm excited for u!
Thx Sam703 I just picture my self looking like a mummy.. lol


After I my surgery I will be getting my first tattoo & a navel piercing.. Whoop whoop!!

About me

I am 5'7 200 lbs for the surgery.. I gained 20lbs so I could have enough meet.. I am usually between 175 - 180. I want a big butt soo... Current measurements
Upper abdomen 35" lower abdomen 40" butt 41" thighs 25" arms 13"

Before pics

Hera are some before pics I took yesterday..

Front view..

Front view of my belly I took today..

Less than 24 hrs

Less than 24 hrs to go.. I started taking my Arnica pills yesterday & I'm still waiting on my bromelain tabs..

My garment

I got my garment today down 5th & Wyoming Patricia the owner was very helpful. I also scheduled my first massage w/ Lorena via Dr Gabay recommendation..

I'm up

I'm up drinking my spit.. Literally lol My surgery @ 7:30am well wish me luck.. No pray for me..... ????

Plastic surgery app

I did this long long long time ago.. Is It realistic idk?? I didn't know what I was doing.. Oh well ima post any way.. lol
That's awesome good for you girl
Thank u..

5. Why does it look like the fat is diminishing

5. Why does it look like the fat is diminishing between 1-3 months after the transfer?
Fat is living tissue. We are essentially transplanting a fat graft (a small amount of fat tissue). Since it is a living and functional tissue, it needs to establish a blood supply in its new home. During this period, the fat is living but the fat cells haven’t started storing fat (which is what fat cells do to make them plump). So during this period, the fat grafts deflate (1-3 months following the procedure). Then starting 6-9 months following the procedure, they begin acting as they normally do and they start to re-inflate and get more full. This is why patients look best 1-2 years following a fat transfer. This process is the same for hair transplants and even trees/plants that are transplanted.

Me in the waiting room

Me in the waiting room waiting fir my surgery e/ my mommy!!
Good luck
Thx a lot..

No pics yet!!

No pics yet!! Due to the no peeking rule.. However he said he put 17 cc's in each my butt cheek yes some went into my hips too.. That is approximately 3 liters of fat.. He removed 5.7 liters of fat & aspirate I'm not sure how much fluid he added to aid with the lipo.. Ok more updates to come!!
I'm from philly n I'm familiar with Dr gabay! Consulted w/ him in the past but didn't know he did bbl's I just had mine done in Miami Monday may 5th w/ Dr Fisher. But congrats! Looking foward to seeing ur results.
Thx a lot.

Some Pics

My butt look much bigger in person..
How much was your totally love...and can you post more pics after the surgery ..
The total cost of bbl w/ thighs & arms $6200

2 day post~op

I am still very swollen..

Post op

Happy healing
Thx alot


I had to replace my blood soaked bandages..
*1700 cc's per cheek

Side by side

A couple b4 & after comparisons


My monthly visitor came yesterday & I still haven't did a #2.. Ssshhhh??
you look damn good I live in philly too I got mine done off of cityline and I took Irene the dream pic with me and told Dr.Carmen that's what I wanted I just cant wait until my waist gets as small as hers where do you plan on going for your garments do you plan on waist training
Thx, I can't fit my garment yet I'm very swollen but I got my garment from 5th & Wyoming.. Yes I do plan on waist training..
Looking good, thanks for the back shot pics, please keep it coming. I might go with your doc. I know your still swollen, it takes time but I can definitely see a difference

My garment..

5th & Wyoming


I put this throw back on & it fits with the lipo foam & board underneath ????
I want to fit into my bbl garment after my massage on Friday
The black garment is the one I got from my ps.. :-*
I had a BM yesterday & today.. Tmi, but it finally happened for me.. Yayyyy

Ok so..

After a Bm then a shower I decided to try this garment one more time.. & yes I'm in it.. Yayyyy.. I know how important it is to have good compression garment
Congrats babe...you looking so good. ..I might end up going with him
yay!!!! Please post more pics soon! Im also going with dr. gabay. Cant wait!


How are you doing? Come Back And Let Us see your final results.
You look great.
Thx.. So do u 2years post~op..
Philadelphia Facial Plastic Surgeon

I've been doing some research on Dr Gabay for some time now. After going to a few other Doctors, I decided to go with Dr Gabay! He knows exactly how I want to look and Im confident he can do it.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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