38 year old mommy of two. week one of recovery done!

Hi. this site has helped me so much. Adding my...

Hi. this site has helped me so much. Adding my experience to get some more real support and perhaps help others with my experience as well. I am getting a TT, lift, and implants. So Nervous!! I am 38, 5'5, weigh 175, and have a Saggy D size Breast. Getting Silicone, but still deciding on CC...

Took a friend with me to try on implants today

I went with a friend today to my PS to get a few questions answered and try on sizers...I think I am going with 450cc Silicone....I think!! Ahhhh, I am nervous for that size, but when my friend who has had implants showed me how to place them in the bra, and pull it tight by your shoulders, they looked good!! I still don't know! Man, this is a hard decision to make not knowing the end result. I am thinking 400 or 450. Either way, I have to decide soon! What a great problem to have, huh? As my husband would say, "First-world problems, yo!"

15 days and counting!

Ahhhh!! I am a planner and a gatherer of random stuff when I am anxious and getting ready for anything, and NOT feeling prepared at all! BUT I am so excited. Two weeks, ladies! Two weeks! Fear of the unknown, the pain, and so excited for (hopefully) fabulous results. Just bought three Coobie bras (buy 2 get one free with code right now). Ordered some bioCorneum plus SPF 30, a neck pillow, and scaraway silicone sheets. Going to a store this week to try on compression garments. (They look so weird online, thinking it's a must try on kind of item.) Going with 400cc Silicone. Not sure of profile. My doc. said he would choose that based on my measurements. Is that typical? IDK. So pretty much just rambling now to myself....but I am needing to put this somewhere! Thank you.

Here I got it's my shot....feet fail me not! One week and counting til MM.

One week and one day! but who is counting?? Ha. Nervous. Excited. Scared. Been wanting this for four plus years and it's a week away! AAHHH!!!!
Pics trying on sizers. Not the best, but gave me an idea. Still impossible to choose. I had the nurse order two sizes and I am letting the doctor decide in the OR.

Two more sleeps!!

Surgery scheduled for Monday at 6:30 a.m. So nervous I could pee my pants!! Do any of you stay in an after-care facility the first night? My doctor requires that, which I am very grateful for. It will help ease my nerves to have a morphine pump for the first night and to be watched by nurses to make sure everything is going okay. I got my Faja compression garments and they were both so ridiculously tight. I measured myself too, and ordered an 2XX which I have never worn that size in Anything, and I couldn't even get the hooks to latch. I overnighted a 2X Marena and it fits perfect. Returning the Fajas. I think I have everything I need. I feel like I have been nesting!! Cleaning, organizing, stocking kitchen, getting random supplies. I think it's what I do when I feel out of control of what is about to happen. Makes me feel like I have a bit of control if I buy body pillows, supplies, bras, treats, random stuff! My husband is going to be here all week and can do anything I need, but I have this strange overwhelming feeling to "fix" everything. AAHH!! Don't like that feeling of the unknown, so I control everything I do know. Ha. Wish me luck, ladies!! Will follow up with pics next week sometime.

I did it. Week one of recovery.

Whew!!! I survived my first week! I spent my first night in an after care facility. Rough!!! The place sucked to say the least, but the liquid morphine was worth it. Getting into the car from the surgical center was a painful JOKE! These pics are two days post op, and I am already looking a ton better today. My tummy is still so swollen I ask myself if it's worth it, and my boobs look so weird....but I have to remember it takes time, right??? Please tell me I'm right. Ha. Then I look at before pics, and realize the tummy is in a improvement and is already a bit flatter than even these pics. Ask me day one or two if it was worth it, I'd say no way. Today, absolutely! The first few days of pain are REAL pain. The rest of the week has been bearable with compression garments, pain killers, valium, and a doting husband! I am worried about my boobies looking "normal." They need to drop more, but I am not sure about massaging them if it will affect my sutures? Advice there would be fabulous!

one week post op.

massage and follow up apt. tomorrow

How do y'all massage your breasts? I nervous I am not doing enough to get my implants moving but don't want to do anything to press too hard on my incisions. Feeling pretty good! Lower back hurts. First follow up tomorrow and praying to get the drains out!!!! Have a happy day ladies!

12 days post op.

Not the best pics. Hoping my belly is still swollen and will flatten out more. Feeling happy with results so far and very happy that I am feeling better very day. Getting one tube out on Thursday worked wonders for my psyche. Getting second drain out on Tuesday and stitches out of belly button. Oh happy recovery!!

drain removed and stitches out of bb

I got my second drain out yesterday and stitches out of my bellybutton. Neither hurt. Just felt weird. That was a real turning point from feeling like a Frankenstein patient to feeling normal ish. Those drains were a pain in the butt!! My seven year old boy thought it was hysterical that I told him I had big balls. :). I love my results more every day. My tummy feels flatter every day and my boobs are moving into their "home." I didn't have any tape on my incisions. Just glue. It is almost all the way off. Blown away at how thin my scar is!!! Excited for the purple pen and rest of the glue comes off. Baby step! Walking almost upright too!

cute comment from doc.

When I was at my appointment I complimented my doctor on his fabulous work. He told me it was easy with a perfect palate!! What a cute thing to say!!

Amazed at my thin scars first day back to work.

I can't believe that 17 days post op my nipple scars look this amazing. I am so grateful for a doctor that is so skilled. I worked for a few hours yesterday. That took a toll on me! I am used to laying around and still get fatigued so easy. I need to remember I am only 17 days out from a major surgery. Baby steps. Happy day, ladies.

Pain and open incision on nipple. 4 weeks po

I am bummed today. My incision on my nipple and the base of my right boob popped open. They aren't really big but they are taking what feels like a long time to heal. My doc has me on an antibiotic and I am putting betodine on them so they don't get infected. Trying not to lift much so they don't get worse. I am bummed that my incisions were so small and now I'll have a bigger scar. When does the pain in boobs and belly subside? It's not that bad just nagging and occasional sharp pains. I am still very happy with my results. I just tend to get easily flipped out. Still fatigued. Man. Complaining today!!!! Getting my butt up and moving. Have a happy day.
Dr. Aaron Klomp

Dr. Klomp did a fabulous job on my mm. He is a perfectionist and I am so impressed with my thin scar Lines and very little bruising. His assistant told me that he operates on his patients like they are conscious and is very gentle. I can tell by how little bruising I have and I am so anazed at his thin and straight my incisions are. He has a very easy going personality and is easy to talk to and he listens to my concerns. I was extremely impressed with how thorough and informative he was at our first meeting. Unlike others ps's he was a "true" doctor and was very informative about all the medical and health possibilities rather than just the cosmetic side of things. I was really impressed with his confidence without arrogance. After researching all the plastic surgeons in my area I know klomp was the best choice and I am thrilled with my results.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hang in there. Egassner also had and opening and abscess nightmare and it looked like it may cause the scar to be bigger but it healed beautifully, flat and you cannot even tell.. We really can't judge so early this process is just time dependent!!!! (((Hugs)))
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Thank you so much Time4meOR! That really makes me feel better! I appreciate your kind reassuring comment.
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Anytime :) if u doubt it u can see her profile she put detailed photos and now u cannot tell it ever happened! Have a beautiful day!
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Aww hang in there. It takes time to completely heal. We'll all get there right?! Don't feel bad, patience isn't my best virtue either.
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Wow your pics are awesome! Looking really good, swelling looks like it coming down nicely! Happy healing!
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You look great and sounds like your doing it right. It's great when the scars are so minimal. My scars are awesome, great surgeon. But there's so many factors they don't have any control over. Keep healing & enjoying the results.
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Thank you. Appreciate all the love and support on this site.
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You look amazing as do your scars! Its hard to believe you're only 17dpo! I'm trying to listen carefully to my body as well and not over do. Patience is hard to have at times! Blessings for continued healing!
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It's good to hear that your healing well and things are moving forward (so to speak). Have a great weekend and remember to still rest as you feel better. That's about the hardest thing - not do to much as you feel better. :-)
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Every PS has a different strategy... My PS doesn't want me to massage boobs until after 2 weeks. He doesn't take drains out until they're draining less than around 25 combined daily total. And he told me to wear the CG zipped all the way to my boobs almost 24/7... I only took it off to wash. My tummy is flat as a board with little swelling left. The tighter the CG, the less you drain too.
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Thanks for the advice on swelling and CG's.....makes sense to me
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Hey. Thanks for reply! I wear my compression garments 24/7 too and my drains came out at that same time frame. Less than 25 a day. Idk if my cg is tight enough but I don't think my ribs could handle much tighter. I had more weight to lose when I had my tt so it may be as.flat as it will get til I lose more weight but I am still happy to have that skin hang gone. ;)
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Yeah, I didn't necessarily want to be a Barbie! I have medim bones so I would be happy as a flat medium, instead of doing the Cher and breaking bones to be a small! :)
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Ahhh. How cute, some docs are just really nice people. Lucky you to have found one. Happy continued healing
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Thank you!
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Yay!!! Drains out....! It didn't hurt? Omg... I was acting like a baby lol I'm glad your happy about your results
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What a sweet little princess you have! Enjoy your down time, you'll be back to normal very soon! Looking great!
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You look great for 2 weeks PO there's always more swelling than you realize in the 1st 4 weeks. Keep up your fluid intake and rest. Enjoy any pampering you get - even cute little pedis.
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Thank you!!! She loves the rainbow pedi and she is impossible to say no to!
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Looking good. It's all still swelling. And cute pedi from your daughter!
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Happy happy days to you!
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Congrats sweety, so happy for you. Cant wait till January for mine.
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Went to follow up. Got one drain out! Thank goodness, I feel so much better having just one in and one step closer to feeling normal. Learned a lot more about massage on boobies and everything is healing great. ya! Really curious to see how much of my belly is swelling and how flat I will be. Loving boobies except they still need to drop some. Can't wait for this purple ink to fade and glue to fall off so I can start scar cream. Every day feels better. Baby steps
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If you have Bio Oil (or even johnsons baby oil), use a cotton ball soaked in the oil and rub in circles and the sticky stuff will come off. :)
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You look really good, congrats on everything! You must be super excited on your new look!
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