375cc silicon surgery date 3/22 post op 34DD/36D Fort Worth, Texas

Hello all! I've been considering having BA...

Hello all! I've been considering having BA performed since I was about 17. So for 7 years I've put lots if thought into it. I am currently an A/B cup depending on weight. I went to see Dr. Strock in Fort Worth April 2 accompanied by my boyfriend. Dr. Strock was a recommendation by a friend from high school (her & her mother both had BA by Dr. Strock) Anyway I did online research and looked at all the before and after photos on his website. For whatever reason I was set on saline. Dr. S quickly informed me about the different implant choices & profiles (moderate, high, ect.) I ended up choosing a moderate profile implant due to my rib cage having a dramatic slope & my breast have a considerable amount of space between them. Also i changed my mind to have silicon instead of saline. Dr. S said he plans on taking 3 sizes into the OR 325, 350 & 375. I really desire a natural look! I go in at 7:45 on the 22nd for surgery! Wish me luck, will post more.

So I go in at 7:45 on Monday!! I cannot believe...

So I go in at 7:45 on Monday!! I cannot believe its only three sleeps away (: I keep wondering about size & I'm nervous for them to be too big or just look silly. I know Dr.S does wonderful work & I trust his judgement. I've gone through so many webpages and reviews. It's so crazy bc the three sizes he is bringing into OR are 325, 350 & 375. But when I view other womens profile and compare sizes the results can differ so much! I'm very surprised by the sizes of implants that I read on occasion. Anyway. Well I'm very excite d& my boyfriend, his mother, my older sister & a good girlfriend of mine are all VERY supportive! I dropped off my prescriptions yesterday. Does anyone have advie on other items to have at home for post op?? Thank you ladies!!

I'm so excited (: and nervous. It's 9:49 pm & I...

I'm so excited (: and nervous. It's 9:49 pm & I have to be at the surgical center at 7:45 am. My boyfriend & his entire family have been supportive. My mother and two of my sisters are supportive as well. I'm totally ready! I can't believe it's just a few hours away!!! I've wanted a BA for so long it seems surreal that I'm finally going through w it ;) wish me luck ladies!! And good luck to everyone else.

So yesterday was the big day! All my family has...

So yesterday was the big day! All my family has been so supportive :) I have to stay all wrapped up untill thursday when I have my post op appointment! I was so satisfied w Dr. Strock! When I arrived to the Fort Worth surgery center the staff were all fantastic. I was brought back in a timely manner & after taking my vitals and weight I was asked to change into a gown. I was given an antacid, Celebrex, non narcotic pain releiver & a doe of versaed in my IV. My boyfriend said goodbye... Then I woke up!! ha haa. I dont remember going under at all. I awoke and the nurse on staff gave me some water. My boyfriend came back and told me the Dr had gone out to the waiting room to talk to him after the procedure had been completed! My PS went with 375cc silicon implants. The left is 13 cm & the right is 12.5 cm.I actually realized that we had decided on MODERATE PLUS profile implants. Slight difference than moderate but not quite high profile! Everything has gone lovely so far, keeping my ice packs on and taking all my medication as directed. Good luck to all you lovely ladies that are going under the knife soon! Im totally looking forward to getting out of this bed for more than a few mins at a time! This morning I woke up w my boyfriend to gather my sons clothes for school & was going to put towles from the washer to the dryer.... My soon-to-be father in law QUICKLY put a stop to that. Mostly bc hes a Dr himself. Ha haaa. We decided to stay the week at my boyfriends fathers house to make things easier bc I dont know anyone in out neighborhood that would be helpful in the least. I called Miss Donna (lady neighbor down the road) earlier bc we ran out of ice!! Its so wonderful to have helpfully caring family close by.

Soooooooo tomorrow my...

Soooooooo tomorrow my best-friend-blood-sister-for-life is going to take me to my first post op appointment due to my boyfriend having to work. First of all I have to say that I am extremely nervous/anxious/exited to actually see my new gals! I know they won't be perfect bc they take time to drop but I'm dying w anticipation. I think it's so funny that my girlfriend will see the new ladies before my boyfriend (mostly bc he is the one fronting the bill!!) lmao. Either way. Wish me luck ladies & I will most definitely post photos of my progress tomorrow. I hope everyone else is feeling wonderful! -B

Dr. A said I have to wear a compression strap for...

Dr. A said I have to wear a compression strap for at least a week! It only bugs me bc it's right in my armpits where my incisions are right where it wraps around. Overall I an COMPLETELY satisfied with Dr. Strock & his entire team! I'll be going back next Tuesday for my second post op exam. I say two post op in one day over a week is pretty good!

I'm 5 days post op today! TOTALLY in love w my new...

I'm 5 days post op today! TOTALLY in love w my new gals. They aren't crazy high & my post op yesterday went very well. I was pleasantly surprised when my bandages were taken off post op day 4 & I didn't have any frankenboob! My Dr did an amazing job. I have my compression belt on, but I'm totally ready to go to the beach ha haaa. I do have to limit my upper arm movement. I can feel that in doing too much. So I've kept myself nice and doped up today trying to rest ALL day. Which is extremely hard w a 15 week old doberman puppy & 5 yr old big! Not to mention the boyfriend is a man child himself! I hope all you lovely ladies are doing as well as I am post op. I feel absolutely gorgeous w my new breasts.

I asked my PS about massage and the nurse &...

I asked my PS about massage and the nurse & himself insisted it was a BIG no no. Had anyone else heard of that? He told me to ice constantly. Jw ladies if anyone has encountered this. Thanks!

Hello ladies! I went to get the recommended sports...

Hello ladies! I went to get the recommended sports bra by my ps. It's made by Under Armor pretty cool bra. It zips in the front and it comes in regular bra sizes. Not that s, m, l crap. I went to Victorias Secret in advanced to be sized properly. I go to the one by the North East Mall & the sales woman Burgundy (love her name!) is always so helpful. Anyway so I told her I needed to be remeasured for obvious reasons and I was quite surprised!! Mostly bc during my second post op on Tuesday I told my surgeon I was smaller than I had expected, that maybe I hadn't taken volume verses diameter of my breast into serious question when I was making my final decisions about my implants. He assured me that in two months time I would understand and that I would definitely not be disappointed! Anyway back to my sizing. Turns out I am a 34DD or 36D (my sister size) I was SO surprised!!! I have read soooo many times that women in America wear the wrong bra size but WOW. I went for a 34A/32B to a 34DD/36D. I was ecstatic! I ended up buying two bras from the PINK line I liked those before my BA. I mean I love spending $60 on a badass bra! But these great thin fits are amazing for the hot Texas summer we're coming up on! I took a few pictures not sure what all. But I'll upload a few. I can't wait till I can ACTUALLY wear these bad boys ;) but my ps told me I can drive now! I can tan a week from Tuesday & I'm allowed to cycle w that front zip Under Armor bra (I ended up w a 34D) Lots of love ladies! I hope someone finds this helpful, that I'm not talking to the wall. Ha haaa

Two weeks tomorrow!!! Awesssssome. Only I hate...

Two weeks tomorrow!!! Awesssssome. Only I hate this comression strap. Ha

5 wks 375cc silicon mp+

Wk 6

The bra my PS suggested. Very comfy & is smooth under all clothing despite the lace... Gives a very Marilyn Monroe appeal of some type.


I will name you squishy!

Pardon the Nemo pun! & my boyfriend photo bombing in the background. Ha haa. He walks in while I'm brushing my teeth "what are you taking a picture of??" Anyway the ladies are much softer, I feel EXTREMELY comfortable w them. It's like I've always had them (yes, I know that sounds cliche) Happy hunting/healing ladies!

Under boob

Fort Worth Plastic Surgeon

Good reviews from trusted friends. Beautiful after photos on website. Creates a great "natural" look.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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I am so glad I found this! I have a consultation scheduled with Dr. Strock, and I was so nervous about what to expect. This is so helpful! Thank you for posting!

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You look great! How are you going getting back into weights again? I train with my boyfriend too, only 2 days a week and I do cardio in between, and not sure what I'm more worried about, losing my strength or my fitness?! Did you get back into it ok?
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I haven't really gotten back into it. Mostly bc I've been lazy! Lol. But I have to start doing a Something.!
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I was just writing on my review how I've lost the motivation for exercise going IN to my BA. God, how am I going to be after! lol
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ohhhhh I totally quit working out two weeks before my BA. And I haven't really gotten into it since I need to badly!
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You look beautiful so as your twins
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you look absolutely gorgeous!!! i am prob going for about 400cc silicone mod plus, so it's great to see your results!! enjoying your story...keep us updated please!! :)
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Thank you so much! I have thought a few times that I could've gone bigger. Lmao then I try on a bikini and am like holy crap!! So glad to hear you're enjoying me little journey (:
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You should definitely go bigger! I feel like mine are much smaller but the dr says I'm a 10 for 10!
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holy crap they are squishy! Mine are getting softer but not that much yet. That's great to hear you are doing well and that you feel like you've always had them! I kind of feel like that too but mine aren't that big lol. Are you able to lay on your stomach yet? The incisions are feelin okay now that they are 6 wks?
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hey!! Yes I can totally lay on my tummy, actually when I sleep on my tummy they wake up softer!! Ive been sleeping on my stomach for over 2 weeks at least. Girl you're only 25 cc smaller than me!! I meassured out to a 32 D at Neiman Marcus (I believe them over VS, although I LOOOVE thier stuff) My incisions have felt great for the past 3 wks I would say. I still have moments that I hurt but I feel great overall! What did you meassure out to?? I def wouldnt say yoursare small!!
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Hi! I'm am living in the OKC area and have been searching for a surgeon for some time now, but none seem to do the transax approach! Then i found you! yay! Your boobs look really great! I saw that you had a lot of bruising... is that typical?
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Thank you so much! I love my ladies, they turned out perfect. I have ALWAYS bruised easily!! Dr. Strock is a wonderful surgeon. I had more of a challenge due to my nipples, they are asymmetrical. Breast feeding changed my boobs so much! I just posted my incisions healed at six weeks (: if you go to Dr. S promise you'll be extremely pleased!
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Hi there! You are looking great! How are your armpit healing? I'm one month PO and my armpit incision is not healed yet its really bothering me. What do you use? There not too many here that has transaxillary incision so I'm glad I found you.
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Hey Minadora! I used an antibacterial dial foaming hand soap. It's awesome and easy to rinse of since it is very think, it's nice and airy. That's the same thing I have always used on my tattoos as well. My ps didnt recommend anything, said to use a mild soap that's it! I'm six weeks and my incisions are pretty much healed up. I'll post a photo of them in a moment. Wonder why you aren't healing?! I'll check out your profile. Did you post pics of your incisions?
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Thank you Graceful. Yes my PS recommend using wound care because at two weeks it was infected. So I used saline solution and bactracetin but the area was always moist and it did not heal that way. I saw my PS the other day told me to just keep it dry like Duh he should have told me that before. So now, I stop using the ointment and just using aloe era cream. It's fortunately working and keeping my pits dry. Phew! I guess I heal slow. There's also knot inside the skin incision,but its going down. I hope by two weeks everything is ok. Thanks for the response.
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Omg your incision looks really good. I can't wait to get mine like that. I will post mine today. It's still yucky looking though. Lol
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Omg your incision looks really good. I can't wait to get mine like that. I will post mine today. It's still yucky looking though. Lol
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Hey ladies! Sorry I haven't checked my page in forever!! I'm doing well, totally ready to lift heavy weights again. My PS out me in a bra from neiman Marcus that is helping knock my ladies down and out to the side a bit. Dr S decided it was the best route for me due to my nipple positioning ect.
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How are you doing?
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how are things coming along now?? They look like they are dropping nicely! Mine haven't budget a bit =(
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Have your ladies dropped anymore??? (:
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Yours look like they've dropped a lot! They look great! Mine are starting to soften up, how about yours?
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How are yours feeling? Mine are still very hard and stiff.
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I'm pretty squishy at times then in the morning & after naps I'm so stiff! Just posted a new entry and added a photo. I'll come check your stuff out!
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