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Well I got this procedure done yesterday afternoon...

Well I got this procedure done yesterday afternoon as have always hated my top lip from as young as I can remember. It's naturally so thin and droops down (I.e 'flat' from the side no pout at all)

I've been getting fillers from the age of 17 (I told the doctor I was 18) but found they didn't last and didn't give my lips the result I top lip still drooped down yet was just a little thicker. It helped though as my smile looked less gummy!

I actually found a really good filler the past couple of years from the 'teoysal' range it has lasted a year each time. Even then though despite the fact it has lasted so long I felt constantly worried that they are going down and just didn't like they weren't permanent. I wanted thicker lips forever I didn't like the though that they had to keep being 'topped up' what if one year I didn't have the money? Or I was travelling and couldn't find someone who did fillers? It probably sounds like I was worrying over stupid things that may never happen but they were thoughts that crossed through my mind and bothered me.

So for me it was either this procedure or a lip lift. I knew a lip lift would shorten the long distance between my nose and lip and would give me more lip and tooth show from the front. However I guessed that even after this my lip wasn't thick enough to give me sufficient lip show from the front and was also worried that without filler or an implant my smile will be even more gummy or i would end up having too much skin took away and looking too 'toothy' (I'm no surgeon though I just tried to have a guess haha)

So I've gone for permalip now in the hope that it will help me achieve a more pouty look and shorten the distance between my nose and lip. I am well aware though (after having fillers for nearly 5 years) that it will probably not be enough and I'll probably need a lip lift in the future too :/ I saw a surgeon last year in Manchester about permalip and he said it gave better results (aesthetically) than filler so we'll see once the swelling has gone down. I actually completely forgot to ask the surgeon in London whether this was true yesterday in my consultation before surgery so unfortunately didn't get any confirmation!

My surgeon (Dr Roy Ng) offers a 'see and treat' thing where you can get both your consultation and procedure done on the same day (so saves travelling down twice!) The consultation was pretty quick I didn't really have any questions I had done so much research online so knew what to expect really! He immediately recommend the largest implants as said my top lip itself was quite voluminous (really?!) so the implant would get 'lost' in the tissue if any smaller. He asked whether I was wanting it in both the bottom and top but I told him I didn't really feel I needed it in the bottom as it was quite thick already (he agreed.) He told me that I had a-symmetry in both lips but it will still be there after the implants. My bottom lip is a lot more asymmetrical than the the top so I was a little worried about emphasising it even more with an implant.

The procedure was fine he put a gel on my lips prior to take the edge off the injections and injected straight into my lips to numb as he said it was meant to be a lot less painful than a dental block. He did about 5 injections in my top lip...only one hurt and that was the one in the centre of my top lip (it made my eyes water!)

He then took a few minutes to allow the anaesthetic to kick in and after that he cut open my lips in the corners (which was mad as could hear my lips being cut yet not feel anything!) and slid the implant in. It just felt like pressure on my didn't hurt in the slightest.

So about 2 hours after the procedure it was agony (maybe I have a really low pain threshold) I had really bad dental pain it felt like my teeth were being both pushed in and pulled at the same time. I had what felt like bad sinus pain all over my cheeks, up my nose and around my eyes. My throat felt tight for some reason (maybe it was unrelated) and I had a bad headache. I took some cocodemol and it helped take the edge off a bit but was still very painful - I was in tears at one point!

Around 6/ 7 hours after the procure (even after the painkillers had worn off) the pain had reduced a lot...the dental pain had more or less gone. I was even able to have eat some rice before bed (I thought I wouldn't be able to eat at all)
I fell asleep pretty easily and only woke up once (and that was because my boyfriend was snoring) and didn't need to take any more painkillers.

Day 1

This morning I was very swollen but haven't needed to take any pain killers yet. It probably wouldn't go a miss as I'm a little sore in the corners but it isn't too bad so don't want to become immune to them! I've just eaten some bread and butter by tearing it into little chunks and passing it through my lips. I found it a lot harder to eat after I got my tongue pierced and was probably in more pain then to be honest! My only worry is that once this swelling has gone down they're not going to look big enough. Even through the swelling I can see it is still pointing down a lot. Still not going to make any rash predictions yet just not saving my hopes up!

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Day 3 (72 hours after surgery)

So I woke up this morning and there was still some swelling there. Wasn't too bad though (I looked socially acceptable) so went into town. Been able to eat pretty much everything (was able to yesterday aswell) and literally no pain at all. I can laugh now without saying 'ow' and having to hold my cheeks.

I'm really worrying though, I came back from town and my lips had de-swelled and looked pretty much as they did before only slightly more bigger (and I'm supposedly meant to be swollen still!) now I'm thinking how are they going to look at the end of this week or fortnight when the swelling has completely subsided?! I'm thinking this change may be too subtle. Maybe the implant isn't big enough to make any difference in my lips or maybe it's to do with where he has positioned it. I'm going to try not to worry too much now as I'm hoping the swelling won't go down much more. If it will I am going to be very unhappy, I actually doubt any of my friends will be able to tell when I see them tomorrow if it goes down even more by tomorrow! It's looking like a lip lift may still be on the cards!


Thank you so much for sharing your experience so far! Do you have a "before" photo so we can see your transformation? Did you have filler in your lips when you got this done (sorry for all the questions)? I sincerely hope that even when the swelling goes down you like your results. Please keep us posted!
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Day 5

My mouth area is feeling even more mobile today. I had a sub earlier with loads of filling and was able to open my mouth wide open to eat that lol. Lip feeling a little tingly (must be sensation coming back) still taking medication 5 times a day to ensure I don't get any infections and anti vitals to make sure I don't get any cold sores! Still struggling brushing my teeth at the back (just the front of my molers can get to the back ones easily.)

So I look completely normal now no swelling what so ever went to Uni yesterday and today and it was fine- no one seemed to notice (not sure if that is a good or bad thing.) So swelling wise if you're just getting the top one don't worry it seems to go down pretty quick (or at least it did for me.) I'm wondering whether it is because my lips are used to trauma from fillers!

So when I got back to my Uni accomadation the other night my housemates said they looked good but expected (as I expected) for them to be bigger. Now they have gone down even more (I was still a bit swollen then) they barely look any different. I don't know if it's possible for them to go down any more than they already have. If they go down more by tomorrow then they literally will not look any different than they did before- they only look slightly different now. Beginning to think I may have wasted my money...they are the tiniest bit thicker.

Maybe I am being paranoid I don't know? But so far not entirely happy.


Hey no worries! Yes il upload one now! It's awful though I hated my lips before but will put it on there for educational purposes! Yes I even had a slight bit of filler left in there so as you can imagine they were very, very thin originally! I can't find any of a close up of my mouth originally with no filler at all (going back 5 years ago) xx

Lips before (even with a slight bit of filler remaining - extremely thin!)

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Day 9

So I'm feeling much better about the lip implant. Don't know whether it's more swelling as I've got more confident with the implant so been doing a lot more talking/ eating adventurous foods but they look a bit different. The lip seems higher and I have more tooth show. I'm hoping this is the implant like knitting in the same place. If it stays like this I'll be very happy! I feel like it has had an impact on the rest of my features eyes look bigger so I've only been wearing a touch of mascara as opposed to my usual eyeliner and eyeshadow! So feeling much more confident. Let's just hope this isn't just swelling and they won't shrink too much anymore!

Also I don't mean to keep putting 'lips' on the photos lol. It is just my top lip I've had done. Just feels strange to keep saying 'lip' I guess!


What size did u get I only want my top too
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The biggest one which is 5mm I think. The result is subtle and very natural looking so to go for a smaller implant I think with virtually any sized lip (depending where they put it) would be barely noticeable. My surgeon said that even with bigger lips they still need the largest implant as the smaller implants can get 'lost' in the tissue.

One month on

I am happy with the thickness. It is a very subtle change but with lip liner they really do look much bigger and better :) I no longer have to draw well over the vermillion border anymore either which is a bonus! However I still want to reduce the distance between my nose and lip as wanting a fuller look. It has lifted it to a certain extend and I am much happier with how they look than before but as I have a particularly long distance between my nose and lip anyway I think I will look a lot prettier with it lifted slightly with a lip lift. It is something I am still considering (however not as much as before.) My lip feel completely normal now and has done probably for the past 2 weeks. All sensation has returned and I have completely forgot it is there! The stitches on one side of my lip has completely gone but not on the other side, this doesn't bother me though as it isn't visible at all but sometimes it feels as if I have a bit of food there! I am also strongly considering getting my bottom lip done now aswell as now the filler has dissolved more in that it looks kind of flat and not pouty enough! Ahh more money and time but hopefully it will all be worth it.


Your lip looks great! How's it going now? I'm looking to get my top lip done with the 5mm by roy ng but I'm worried the results will be to subtle in the end, and I really want to stop having to draw on the lip liner lol
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Hey! Thank you :) well they're not as big as I would have liked to be honest now all the swelling has properly subsided (shall post an update soon.) Having said that though I think it's because I've always had filler in my lips from the age of 17 so I forgot what my top lip was naturally like (none existent.) It's been over 18 months now since I last had filler in my lips so I think now it's properly gone and I look at pics from before when I had no filler or anything there is a big difference. The result is very natural looking like he does it in a way where it literally looks like you have naturally plump lips - you'd never guess there was an implant in my lip if you saw me! I still draw my lip liner on but only because I really like the plump augmented/ glamour model look! Xxx
Sorry kind of waffled on there! But to sum up; if you prefer really plump lips then keep getting fillers. The implant will make a slight difference but not a massive difference! The result is subtle but because I naturally had no top lip I was happy to have a slight difference as anything was better than before. X

Nearly 5 months on

No trouble with the implant. The result is so subtle so whatever you do if you are thinking of going for a permalip implant do NOT go any less than the biggest (5mm) or you will not have any difference at all. Still happy I have got this done and considering getting it done in my bottom lip too. However I love the augmented look (not bothered about subtle) so think I will keep getting filler in.

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Lips slightly parted nearly 5 months on

Still considering lip lift as no tooth show. However the implant has actually helped lift my lip up! I asked the surgeon to do this and he actually positioned the implant in a place where this has actually made my lip a little higher :)


hi! I was wandering to have a permalip too because I'm tired to have filler injections every 6 month and now my lips starts changing shape.. can you tell me more about your surgery? I'm quite scared after watched a piece of a video...
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Dr Roy Ng

He explained everything clearly. Said he'd done over 400 of these so obviously knew what he was doing.

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