Lower Eyelid Blepharoplasty, 60 Year Old Female -New York, NY

I have excess droopy skin under my eyes, which...

I have excess droopy skin under my eyes, which makes me look tired all the time and older than my age. My intent is not to look younger, but better. After reading about the procedure, I decided to pursue this 10 year desire.

I went to Dr. Cangello for a consultation ($150). Prior to the procedure I had to get an EKG; blood work and see my eye doctor. Note: the costs associated with these pre-procedure tests are not included in my total cost of $6350. As my eyes were a little dry, I had to have a simple tear duct procedure done. A week or so before the procedure, I returned to Dr. Cangello's office for pre-op photos and was given prescriptions for pain, nausea and an antibiotic.

On the day of the procedure, I arrived at 8AM for a 9AM surgery. Prep consisted of the usual surgical attire: gown, booties and a hat. An assistant took my vitals: blood pressure, heart rate and weight. The anesthesiologist came in and confirmed our prior telephone conversation regarding eating, drinking, meds. Dr. Cangello came in and reviewed the procedure, aftercare and answered any last minute questions. We were ready to go.

Similar to most others’ stories, I have no recollection of the actual procedure. I thankfully “slept” through everything. When I woke up, I was a little disoriented, slightly nauseous, pain free and thirsty. I arrived home mid-afternoon and had a light lunch and immediately started after-care routine: cold compresses, eye drops, antibiotics. Happily still pain-free.

There was some swelling and skin discoloration but not nearly as bad as I anticipated. My vision was blurry, which may have been caused by ointment and swelling.

Dr. Cangello called in the evening to check-in and answer any questions.

Note: While you are required to have an escort to take you home, it is helpful to have someone with you through at least the first evening. Prior to the procedure, it is also a great help to have a few things ready: button down or zipper tops, loose fitting comfortable clothing, know where and how you will sleep, remove any tripping hazards in your home, have healthy ready-to-eat food available (cut fruit, soups, etc.) - nothing that requires chopping or much prep.

Day 2: The second day brought more swelling and discoloration. Happily, I remained pain free.

It is recommended to sleep on your back with your head raised. In order to limit my freedom, I chose to sleep on the couch. With the help of two Tylenol PM, I slept very well the first night (9 hours). I had the luxury of having my partner with me all day, which I found very helpful. My vision was limited which left me a bit disoriented; this was due to swelling and blurriness from a combination of ointment and drops.

The cold compresses throughout the day were a calming and cooling relief. I kept a stainless steel bowl of ice water in the refrigerator and used that for my compresses.

Day 3: Another good night of sleep thanks to Tylenol PM. The doctor thought it best not to strain my eyes, so Day 3 was much the same as day two - I listened to/watched a lot of TV. I felt good; relieved to be pain-free. Swelling was slightly reduced. The highlight of the day was taking a shower! Do your very best to keep soap and shampoo out of your eyes, as it stings terribly.

Day 4: Continued to progress; another good night of sleep. Boredom was starting to set in.

Day 5: A friend visited; I was grateful for the company. She said I looked like I was in a fight. Continued to get relief using cold compresses.

Day 6: First pre-op visit. Had the stitches removed. Doctor said everything looked good. He put tape on the corners of both eyes, to sort of guide the corners upward. Scheduled a one week follow-up visit. First day of driving. I'm still sleeping on the sofa to limit my movement - it has started to wear on me.

Days 7 - 10: Uneventful. Still slightly discolored and swollen. I notice an improvement! Started to resume normal activities - cooking, laundry, shopping, computer, etc., but sadly, it may be weeks before I can return to the gym. I'm feeling good.
The "Just wondering" was supposed to be the last sentence of my comment...:-)
THANKS for the very detailed info and tips! Just wondering. Your recovery is truly inspirational! I've read that anyone over 40 (I'm 42) should get an EKG and blood work. Is this why you had that done, or were you concerned of any pre-existing conditions? Also, did you know in advance that you had slight dry eye, or is this something you discovered after you saw the eye doc?
I got the EKG and blood work as a requirement prior to the procedure. I don't know if it was age related, but it was not due to a pre-existing condition. Also, I was not aware of the dry-eye - it was discovered during the Schirmer's eye test another requirement from my doctor.

Days 11-14

Days 11 - 14: Still slightly swollen, but much improved. The only difficulty I am having is that my eyes are painfully dry in the morning when I wake up. I have found that if I put drops in my eyes in the middle of the night (often 2 times) it relieves the problem. I hope this is a temporary condition; will check with the doctor tomorrow.

I was remiss in washing my face properly days after the procedure, as my face was raw and swollen. My suggestion is to be diligent about proper facial cleansing, as I have developed several blackheads.

I found the procedure was far easier then I ever anticipated; I now wish I had done the upper eyelids at the same time. I am feeling good - I will include an updated photo after my visit with the doctor tomorrow.
wow,you really have a caring doctor,my doctor ordered no tests other than the initial eye exam to bill insurance also...didnt even take my bp till right before surgery
I'm really impressed how thorough your PS was! I've never even heard of the Schirmer's eye test, but will definitely look into it beforehand.

Post-Op Visit #2

During my second post-op visit, my doctor remained pleased with the recovery and result; everything is progressing well. I hadn't realized that the tape he had put on last time was to remain dry. As a result of it getting wet, it didn't hold the skin in place, so he re-taped the corners for another two weeks. He feels this will provide an improved result and help alleviate the dry eye problem. It in fact was a huge improvement, as last night I used Refresh drops once and this morning my eyes were fine.

I cannot return to the gym for at least another two weeks. My 3rd post-op visit is scheduled for February 6th.

I've attached another pre-op photo.
How's your dry eye now? I'm 39 and had no testing before and now my eyes are excruciatingly dry.
My dry eyes are much improved. I still use the drops in the middle of the night - and that has relieved the morning dry eye problem. During the day I use the drops on occasion, but the daytime is not a problem. Perhaps you should consider getting punctal plugs (they can be temporary or permanent; I got the temporary plugs that dissolve within a month) - maybe that will give you some relief. I am sorry that you are having so much trouble. Remember to use drops frequently. I hope you see improvement soon.
thanks so much. that is encouraging to hear that this might resolve

It's been another few weeks and I continue to heal well

As of a week or so ago, my dry eye problem no longer exists - I don't need the drops any longer. I'm very happy about that. There is still a little swelling, but it's barely noticeable. I return to the doc later this week - I will post a new photo and update sometime after that.

Six Weeks Later

Feeling great. Happy with the results. I can't believe it's only been six weeks. I had another visit with the doc this week - still a little swelling and some scar tissue is evident, but we expect it to dissipate with time. Dry eye is no longer an issue. I'm very pleased with the entire experience.
I went for my 10 week follow-up visit yesterday. I have a little bit of scar tissue remaining, but the swelling is gone and everything is great. This was a very positive experience for me. The surgery has vastly improved the way I look and feel. I wish everyone who is considering this procedure the same experience - spend time selecting your doctor. Good luck!
wow,your doctor did such a great job,i wish i would have gone to him....

10 week follow-up visit

I have a little bit of scar tissue remaining, but the swelling is gone and everything is great. This was a very positive experience for me. The surgery has vastly improved the way I look and feel. I wish everyone who is considering this procedure the same experience - spend time selecting your doctor. Good luck!
Wow what a difference!
Looking good!  So glad you are happy with your results so far.
New York Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Cangello was recommended to me by my primary care physician, who I hold in very high regard. I found Dr. Cangello to be an excellent doctor. He is confident, positive and honest. He was careful and methodical in the specifics of the procedure and clearly takes great pride in the outcome. I recommend Dr. Cangello without hesitation. My only issue with Dr. Cangello's office was that the pricing was not initially clear. When I first contacted his office and asked for an estimate, I was told it would be $3500-4000. After adding in the anesthesiologist and facility fees, the price ballooned to $6350. Let my experience be your lesson - ask for the total cost of the procedure.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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