6 Months out with Fraxel Repair Neck and Face - Charlotte, NC

Fraxel Repair is by far no facelift, but you do...

Fraxel Repair is by far no facelift, but you do get results. Up to three months out I had very smooth skin. I'm guessing it is a temporary look, much like a peel. I was reddish and smooth as a baby's behind.

Now six months out you can see the lines again. My face is not as taut. The lines are not as severe, but not like the smoothness of three months out from the procedure. Overall, I'm okay with the results, but I was expecting more because of the hype. I understand you can have second treatments and I'm thinking about that.

I am 58 and my skin is young for my age. Again, if you are expecting facelift results, you will be disappointed. If you're not a chicken like I am, go for the facelift. In the long run it won't be anymore expensive because I'm thinking that any amount of wrinkling will require two treatments. Even then, would it be comparable to a facelift and would it last? If you have any saggy eyes, the fraxel will help, but it won't be like a blepharoplasy (sp).

There are different levels also on the Fraxel Repair. You might get different results with higher joules and % of coverage. Mine was set at 40% on face, 30% neck, and 25% eyelids; I forget the joules. Ask your Dr. about the setting he/she plans to use and why.

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Thanks for the long term benefits or should I say fleeting benefits. There needs to be more discussion on the long term benefits as this is relatively a new technology that has not been in practice every long. I was in between Fraxel Repair and a quad blepharoplasy...I am now leaning to the latter... Thanks for your perspective...as the benefit vs. the return does not seem to pay off in the long run...
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copper peptide
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what is cp cream ?
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After reading all these posts for Fraxel Repair,i decided not to get fraxel.Instead,i've been using a 1.5mm dermaroller once a month and the results are great.Once a week with a small .75mm roller and cp cream.The plus is that its as close to fraxel without the lenghty downtime and sun avoidance.I did 6 fraxels,first 5 were original version and the last 2 were the second version.The dermaroller was hands down the winner.If you can find someone to dermaroll your face with the 1.5mm with some kind of numbing agent,you will love it.
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I must disagree with you on dermaroller. I too used dermaroller before going to fraxel and the results are like night and day. Whereas I got no improvements with needling - 1.5mm also - I got much results with fraxel. If fraxel doesn't work for people, I highly doubt needling would. Needles are blunt objects compare to microns of laser beams. When they puncture your skin, they are not damaging as much scar tissues as beams of lights would. There is also a difference between mechanical damage and vaporizing scar tissues.
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