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5 weeks ago, I went to South Korea to visit a...

5 weeks ago, I went to South Korea to visit a friend who lived in the Gangnam district. Since I heard South Korea was the capital of plastic surgery, experts on performing Asian double eyelid surgery, and the cost is ½ than the U.S., I decided to get a revision double eyelid surgery while I was there.
For some background, I am a Korean American woman who previously had double eyelid surgery 15 years ago in Seattle, WA but over the years my double eyelids started to drop and sag, where my double eyelids were barely noticeable. Therefore, I wanted my double eyelid creases to be raised or higher, hoping that would open up my eyes and make them look larger.
I went to the Grand Plastic Surgery clinic in the Gangnam district. At my consultation, the plastic surgeon recommended that I have 2 procedures done, Inner corner fold removal (epicanthoplasty) and Sub-brow lift. So far, I am happy with my results however, the inner corners of my eyes are still healing which the skin around this area is still red and I have a few tiny cysts. Since it's only been 5 weeks post surgery, I am going to wait it out for another 2 months and see if they are fully healed and the tiny cysts have cleared.
Below, I've provided more information about my experience of having plastic surgery at the Grand Plastic Surgery
• No appointment and fee needed for consultation. (Walk-in appts are available)
• Available Plastic Surgery Appointments- There are several plastic surgeons staffed and they were able to perform my 2 surgeries the same day as my consultation appointment. I first walked into the clinic at 10:30AM and luckily I had not eaten breakfast or drank coffee that morning, so they said I could undergo surgery at 4:00PM.
• Several Medical Coordinators - The clinic has more than 10 floors so it was nice that a medical coordinator was able to escort me to the correct floor level.
• Overpriced- I paid $2,328 USD for 2 procedures, but later found out from my mom's friend who lives in the Gangnam district who called around after my surgery and found a place that charged $1200 for both.
• Lack English Speaking Staff and Plastic Surgeons - I am Korean American where my Korean skills are not the greatest (I can understand Korean, but don't speak so well). But I had a friend with me who spoke fluently, but it was difficult to communicate in the surgery room.
• Poor Customer Service -When I came to the U.S. I emailed the clinic to try to get a copy of my before-and-after photos. I first emailed in English but did not get a response so after 2 weeks I emailed again but this time in Korean and still didn't get a response. My mom's friend who lived in the Gangnam district ended up calling them directly and was told that they couldn't give me a copy of my pictures because I signed a medical agreement, which prohibits the clinic to release photos to their patients. This seemed odd but unfortunately due to my poor Korean skills I made the mistake of not fully reading the medical agreement. Regardless, I think the clinic could’ve at least responded to my 2 emails and provided this information, rather instead of not responding at all.


so what was the name of the other gangnam plastic surgery place that charged 1200$?
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Hello i was wondering.. does it really work? I am korean but i dont have eyelids and i was wondering if i could do it.. i am 17 years old. Mmm do you think it wont affect my eyes?
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dianakim, Thanks so much of your comment. Yes, I believe double eyelid surgery for Koreans work. Not only have I done the surgery, but I have several friends and family members who have done it as well. I think the key is to find a good plastic surgeon who has had past experience on performing the surgery on Asian eyes. I've had surgery twice where the first surgeon was located in Seattle, WA and I was unhappy with my final results, which I later learned that he didn't have much experience with Asian eyes. So for my second surgery, I went to South Korean bc I heard that they were experts on performing double eyelid surgery. In regards to the aftermath, I was bruised and swollen the first week (you will need to ice and shouldn't do any heavy exercise for 1 month). But after a month the swelling went down and so far, my experience is that it hasn't affected my eyes (vision). I'm not sure where you live but if South Korea is too far, I would look into plastic surgeons in California. I heard that they were good there and a family member got her procedure done in Beverly Hills (a bit pricey) but you can also try researching different plastic surgeons in Korea town. Hope this information is helpful. Best of luck!
Kim Jun Hyung

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