Getting Silicone Breast Implants on 8 Nov 2013 - Fayetteville, NC

Using Dr. Juan Ortiz at Cape Fear Aesthetics in...

Using Dr. Juan Ortiz at Cape Fear Aesthetics in Fayetteville, NC. I have been quoted for implants for 5900.00 but it will be 5723.00 if you pay cash. I have been using this office for laser hair removal and I just love the staff! Tina is my technician for that process and she is awesome and makes me feel so comfortable. My pre-op for Breast Augmentation is 29 Oct. I am considering lipo on my inner and outer thighs as well. The total for the breasts and lipo of the thighs is 10650.00 without the cash discount. I am worried about the recovery time. Just hoping I can get back to work ok without to many issues. Alot of people say using VaserLipo you only are down for 2-3 days. I am currently bringing my sister in town for 5 days and hope this is enough. If there is anyone else that has done similar procedures at the same time, I'd love to hear from you! Any advice is very much welcomed!!!

Congratulations on your upcoming surgery! Glad to hear your sister will be there to help you the first few days of your recovery. In fact, here is a list of items you may want to have on hand for your recovery. Have you discussed implant type and size with your doctor yet? Keep us posted!


Update from my Pre-Op

Soooooo I am feeling VERY frustrated with this office!! Apparently I had a pre-op lab appt at the hospital that the office manager left me a voicemail about, that I never received. Here's the gist of it, I cancelled my pre-op appt on Tuesday because I had to work late, I called them a week prior to make this change. Then the office manager, Diane, says she left me a message saying I needed to get my pre-op labs done on this same day after I had cancelled the pre-op with Dr.Ortiz. Needless to say I showed up Thursday for my rescheduled pre-op with the Dr. and received a bit of attitude about not making my pre-op at the hospital. Im sorry I never received your message, also, is this how we do business? There's no confirmation about the appt? No asking me if that would be a good time? I thought this was my surgery? I feel like I mean nothing now that I've paid for my they have my money and I'm stuck!
It gets better, at my consultation I asked Dr. Ortiz to make my aereola's smaller. He said sure no problem, and at my pre-op he would make measurements and we would come with a size, which we did. When I walk out of the appt, Diane, the office manager, who I have also just dealt with regarding the missed lab pre-op at the hospital, informs me that it will be 1575.00 for a breast lift! WHAT?!! I am not getting a breast lift. Plus I have already paid for my surgery, why did you not include this in the price when you emailed me the original surgery summary sheet? Then Dr. Ortiz comes out, he says I wrote it down in my notes, Im not sure why they missed it, but I will talk to Dr. Dickerson, who owns the OR to see if they can lower the fee. Am I missing something here? If you cant get the paperwork right then what makes me think your going to get my breasts right? Anyone want to give me some advice? I am really nervous here!!!!!

Decided not to do Lipo!

BTW I decided not to d the Lipo because I was afraid of the recovery time, and didn't want to take too much time for work for my elective surgery...maybe later :)
sounds like a poor experience so far… I hope your doctor and his practice will offer you more comfort and listen to your requests. After all, this is your surgery and your decision, so they should be willing to do whatever it takes for you to reach your result.

Surgery was this am

Well let me say that I may have been a bit if a spazz on my last post! Sorry about that
The staff at high smith-Rainey specialty hospital was amazing!! The nurses were so wonderful and caring!! I was super impressed.
Dr Juan Ortiz did a great job!!! I am very sore this evening which is to be expected but I am tolerating it well. I don't have before pics yet but I will post when I get them from docs office. Here's a couple post op pics, obviously still high but I am already best pleased.
Yay! Glad to hear, congrats on the new boobies! I'm feeling pretty sore myself right now and have been icing all day. Pain meds help but doesn't resolve the tightness. Hoping tomorrow isn't horrible!

Day 1 post-op

Sooooo I made a mistake and took only Motrin last night because I really don't like to take percocet, but I paid for it this morning. I am back on percocet now and trying to take the pain back down. Still isnt that bad. Very tolerable, mostly tightness. I can take a shower tomorrow. Sleeping is still a struggle, only because I am used to sleeping on my side or on my tummy, but thats not happening. Im sure ill just get used to it. Anyways feeling good, eating good. Sister is here taking care of me. All is well!!!!
When was your surgery? I have been icing as well, not sure if it helps...
Mine was nov 8 at 7am. I'm feeling super tight today and itchy. I can't wait to shower tomorrow! I took a walk yesterday and today and that seemed to help the swelling a little but I needed to ice as soon as I made it back home.

Day 2 post op

Felt pretty good today, trying to stay off th Percocet but it's hard. I've only had about 2 today. Mostly Motrin and the antibiotics. Colace is a must!!! Lots if fluids! I am also having shooing pains to my lower ribs which I'm wondering if that is normal. Brushing is still appearing but I think it's normal. More to. One tomorrow :)
I'm excited for you girl . I'm happy everything worked out for you. I truly was surprise of the experience you had with the office. But I'm sure happy that you are happy with your results. You look great
looking great,so did you get the amount of surgery resolved to your liking? that is scary and aggravating at the same time.what size implant did you end up with?
I did I love my breasts!! I got 450cc silicone sub muscular. I am trying to get through the soreness and tightness and discomfort now. I've resolved to just taking Percocet at night. I just don't like the Percocet and would rather take the Motrin as needed for pain. What are you having done!??

2 weeks post-op

Had my post-op appt. last night and so far so good. I feel great and have been cleared to wear sports bras, however no underwires for a month. i can do all lower body exercises as well. I received my before and after pictures from my doc's office and will post them next. Sorry no posts between day 2 and 2 weeks, i'll post pics though and date them accordingly. Hope this helps you make a great decision to get breast implants I can't beleive I waited so long to get them. I am so happy and glad I did it!


LEft Breast is high, I have to perform exercises to massage it down, then follow up in 3 months. If it doesn't go down on its own I may have to go back in to surgically release. Hope I can massage it down...still happy with the results overall. They still need to drop some more...
Hi, I'm doing some research, because I'm planning to do something on me, it have been a while from your last picture, and I'm wondering if the left side went down, also I'm wondering if you can post some recent picture (finally what is your new size). Appreciate, thanks
They look great ! How many ccs, did y get ? How long after could u go on to doing normal things like driving?
Thanks I got 450 in each Breast. Mentor memory gel high profile :). Thanks for asking. Are you getting anything done?
Fayetteville Plastic Surgeon

I rated him down on time spent with me, I felt he always asked me if I had questions, once I asked them, I feel as though he could've offered up more info. I found most of my information from other members on this forum as well as other surgeons here as well.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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